[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

It works now, thanks.

But I can confirm file releases still number discnumber as 1 even though I set it to 0 as it can be seen here it still wants to add discnumber:

Thank you so much!.. :rolleyes:

Hi pone,

I have a strange behaviour of your script, but I assume it is a Discogs thing.

I entered a couple of days ago some new music into the Disocgs database.
When I tried to tag it the script only delivered the DATE field and nothing else.

So I tried some older releases added a long time ago to the databse and the work just fine.

I tried it with Discogs-ID, Discogs-Url, Artist-Album everytime the same thing. New additions bad, old additions good.

I have added two debug logs. Hope you can make sense of it.

debug.rar (96.1 KB)

The problem is the missing cover image. Looks like discogs changes something there. Discogs has changed something there. I don't exactly what, but there was never a spacer.gif dummy file for missing covers.

I will fix that soon. Thanks for reporting.

Hi pone,

another problem:

It seems your script does not download the covers anymore even if there exist some.

Can you confirm that?

example: http://www.discogs.com/Broombeck-The-Story...release/5281242


Yes, Discogs changed something. They require now for images to have a registered appID and authentication by oAuth to be able to download images, which might be quite a problem ...

Here is the Discogs topic: http://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/52950c194c5e2e7adca760a0

Just figured out s.pixogs com is working without authentication.

replace "uri=\"http://api.discogs.com/" "uri=\"http://s.pixogs.com/"

should do the job.

Can you please explain exactly where should we change it?
Thanks! :flushed:

i'm working on that and other things. script update today

Oh thanks pone.
Much appreciate it! :rolleyes:

UPDATE: Discogs Pone Mod 4.2

FIXED: workaround for discogs' new API authentication for cover. thanks freak for the workaround.

FIXED: problem with releases without covers. thanks FreaQ for pointing me to that.

FIXED: the search results didn't show if covers were missing because of changes at discogs.

KNOWN PROBLEM: there is a problem with special characters at the searches which combine different tag fields. I can't find a way to encode the characters to url-utf-8 without encoding the "&" between the values.
If someone has a solution for that, please let me know.

  • see starting post for download -

Thanks a lot, works perfect now! :slight_smile:

Hey, pone

What exactly are differences betweeen "primary names" and "name variations" and how should one use these functions properly?


Also how do I change // to commas?

I thought I did change it by changing this:

But it has no effect?

At Discogs, a artist primary name is the main spelling version of an arist name (= artist alias), variations and abbreviations of that are called artist name variation.

An example from your last.fm profile

ATB ist the artist primary name
A.T.B. and atb* are listed as name variations

You can use these as you want. With artist name variation you always get the spelling which is used on the real release (CD/Vinyl/File/...) from which you tag your mp3s. With artist primary name you will get allways the same spelling for the same artist, which is comfortable in media libraries. You can also write both names in two different tag fields. (for example ARTIST and ARTISTSORT).

Your second question:

  • multivalue tag field >no
    in the setings you posted above. The rest is correct. Make sure that there is a space after the comma in the settings. Can't see that in the screenshot.


But now I'm confused by the multivalue tag as it clearly does not do what I thought it does lol...

What is true meaning of multivalue tag?

Hello Pone,

I was not able to work around the discogs covers since they changed, so I installed your script for the first time... But still no covers are showing up?

I have no idea what to do.

Is only the cover missing or the other infirmation too?

You have to do an extra step for seperating the values
Do a forum search on that or wait until the eveningevening

No, all the rest of the info shows up, just the cover isn't there...

My bad, everything works fine. Thanks so much!

a multivalue tag field is one tag field whith multiblle values

ARITST = Aerosmith

instead of:
ARTIST = Run DMC feat. Aerosmith

multivalue tag fields can't be written diretly by Mp3tag's web sources scripts.
Read here how to deal with them: [WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Another problem is that not all mediaplayers can handle them correctly. Some display only the first entry, some don't show the correct result if you search for something like ARTIST IS Run DMC, instead of ARTIST HAS Run DMC