[WS] Discogs (pone mod)


thanks pone, very much appreciated, as always

Keine Daten mehr von Discogs


i did really love your script
but it doesn't work for me , in the past works like a charm
today i downlaoad mp3tag again
but i installed in portable version
in short to make a clean install

i follow the instructions
but when i start the script i get this
in this casa album ok computer , radiohead

selected all the songs

tag source->discogs

i got this

when i click next i get this error

wha'ts wrong?


installed as instructed, the result is same as above - blank sheet.


One more happy user :slight_smile:
Wonder, why this is not included in the official release


@rama & get8p
That's not my script. The screenshot is from the official mp3tag discogs script.
tag sources>discogs pone
tag sources>discogs


thanks Pone , it works 100%
:w00t: :rolleyes:

Discogs search results window is blank

hey pone,

is there a way to re-map the "Featuring" and "(Vocals [Featuring])" artist(s) from TRACK_CREDITS, and add them to ARTIST field (multivalue).
See the image: my current settings, and the current result.

I want to change so that any artist in TRACK_CREDITS with (Featuring) or (Vocals [Featuring]) add to the ARTIST field, multivalue (separated by \\ or ; )

What do you think?


Hey, alwayswrming

I had similar problems and asked pone if he could do something about it. Unfortunately he said no.

[WS] Discogs (pone mod)


Bah! I see that now.. that's unfortunate!

My intention is to be able to have featuring artists be listed with the main artist in %artist%, then use the albumartist field to organize the album by main artist

for example:
Love The Way You Lie (Eminem feat. Rihanna)

ARTIST = Eminem\\Rihanna

But, like you said, this is currently not possible. For now I will have to do it manually.
Thanks for the reply though :wink:


nevermind I fixed my issue! I was dumb xP


First off all I want to thank you for your tremendous work in this script. I'm finding a little bit difficult to change the scripts behaviour so that it puts track positions as numbers in vinyl releases. Tried many times, is my approach correct?

  1. Load the settings mp3 file

  2. From extended tags, pick "TRACK & DISCNUMBER"

  3. Change this setting:

Trackposition (as written on discogs page): >TRACK

  • write Trackposition only for Vinyl & Cassettes >yes


  • write Trackposition only for Vinyl & Cassettes >no
  1. Update the file

  2. Create scripts from actions

This is what I've done and it still gives me A1, A2... etc in vinyl releases. It's bugging me, can't figure it out. Would be great if you could help, please! Thanks.


Nevermind, read this thread more carefully and found the answer here:
[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Thank you so much again for this wonderful script!


It seems that Discogs has changed their API again (or something similar) and the scripts are unable to use any of the "Search By..." functions

It still works if you use "Direct by Discogs ID", "Direct by Discogs URL", "API-List ...", or "Standard Search"


Can't find any misktake. Scripts still working. Version 4.4 from June 11, 2014


seriously? just stopped working for me.. im using latest scripts and have not made any changes in a few weeks..
ill try to reinstall and see what happens..

you know, i did update MP3Tag recently.. maybe that screwed it up.. let me investigate and report back


well damn.. i feel stupid. it seems to be working fine now. I havent tried it since yesterday, ive been using direct link method instead.. it must have been some temporary downtime for the server maybe.. i dunno, but it wasn't on my end

anyways, thanks pone.



I just started using this awesome mod and searched and read through most of this topic,
but couldn't find the answer, so hopefully someone can help me.

I always tag the albumname with the year and label included.
For example: Lanterns [2014, Astral Industries]
where Lanterns = album title, 2014 = year and Astral Industries = label

Is there a way to automatically add these (values including the spaces and the brackets) to the albumtitle?
And maybe it's also possible to remove the word "Records" from the labelname if that word is included?


"Lanterns [2014, Astral Industries]" is possible.
In the settings mp3 file, go to OTHER FIELDS & OPTIONS. There are three "Additional Web Sources Script Code for ... script(s)" sections. In all three of them, write:

outputto "ALBUM"
say " ["
sayoutput "YEAR"
say ", "
sayoutput "PUBLISHER"

Album: >ALBUM
as it is in the default setting.

Removing the word "Records" is not possible.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I've placed the text in the 3 sections, but that gives me a completely blank "adjust tag info"-screen. I've also tried it on your default mod, to make sure I didn't make any other changes before that would conflict, but with the same result.

Here's a copy of the other fields & options text as I have it now:

Album: >ALBUM
Title: >TITLE
Track Index: >CHAPTER
Country: >COUNTRY

  • download cover artwork >yes

  • write COMPILATION=1 for multi-artist-releases >yes

  • dublicate fields: >

  • when tagging from a Master Release Page,
    do not write the following fields: >ALBUMARTIST<>ARTIST<>MIXARTIST<>YEAR<>TRACK<>TITLE<>GENRE<>NOTES<>WWW<

  • show Discogs trackposition in the length column >yes

  • debug path: >C:\debug.txt

Additional Web Sources Script Code for the standard scritps:
outputto "ALBUM"
say " ["
sayoutput "YEAR"
say ", "
sayoutput "PUBLISHER"

Additional Web Sources Script Code for the "tracklist of albums with multi song tracks" script:
outputto "ALBUM"
say " ["
sayoutput "YEAR"
say ", "
sayoutput "PUBLISHER"

Additional Web Sources Script Code for the "tracklist fo DJ-sets in one file" script:
outputto "ALBUM"
say " ["
sayoutput "YEAR"
say ", "
sayoutput "PUBLISHER"


outputto "ALBUM"
say " ["
sayoutput "YEAR"
say ", "
sayoutput "PUBLISHER"
say "]"

Sorry. I forgot quotationmarks at the last line