[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Every time I switch ip or reboot my PC I have the re-authenticate with Discogs now, is there anyway around this or is it the new normal? It's pretty annoying.

Regarding covers, its mentioned earlier in this thread ... but for those too lazy to jump back 2 pages, delete the old cover section, then add this to the bottom.

json "ON"


json_foreach "images"
json_select "type"
if "primary"
set "coverurl"
json_select "uri"
outputto "coverurl"
say "http://cache.mp3tag.de/coxy"
sayregexp "(?<=.com).*"

The earlier thread has an extra parse for the cover if its not primary, but this is good enough for me ... thanks go to the poster of this!

Anyone know how to get the "genre/style" to replace "drum n bass" with "drum & bass" using regex (i couldn't figure it out and gave up quick) but i've been annoyed with discogs ever since they changed it!

If you mean on the discogs website, this happens to me too :frowning:

Luckily my browser has my username / password cached so its not too painful.

I do this in the actions script.

1=$if($eql(%STYLE%,),%GENRE%,$replace($replace($replace($replace($regexp(%STYLE%,^('['^','']'*)','?.*,\\\\1),Drum n Bass,Drum & Bass),Breakbeat,Beat),Breaks,Beat),Dubstep,Bass))

this replaces Breakbeat, Breaks with Beat and Dubstep with Bass alongside Drum n Bass with Drum & Bass.

Have I only getting info from discogs problem?

Hard to tell as you do not say anything about the problem.
Perhaps it has something to do with this thread:
Discogs HTTPS

Pone Mod stopped download some fields like:
and track No.

Still downloaded fields:

DISOCGS-RELASE-ID and DISOGS-URL aren't working, too.
Not long and this script will stop working at all.
I wish pone would come back. :frowning:

I applied the https and cover fixes described in the previous pages to the export files. So you can change your config settings in the "Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3", and regenerate working script files.

Follow the directions in the first post, but after Step 1., replace the "export" folder extracted from the zip with this one. Then continue to Step 2.

Or, if you already have it installed, you can go to %appdata%\Mp3tag\ and replace the "Discogs Pone Create" files inside the "export" folder with these ones. Don't replace the whole folder! There are other files already in "export" that need to stay there. Then follow steps 4-8 on the first page.

Use at your own risk! I don't completely understand how the scripts work. I tested most of the generated "search by" scripts, and they seem to download covers and all tags. If they erase all your music files and your computer bursts into flames, don't complain to me. Make backups, and wear sunscreen.

export.zip (47.8 KB)

Quick check, seems to be working fine.
All missing fields and covers are downloaded.

Great Job. :w00t:


Does not work.

I followed the instructions on the first page of this post but i am not getting the expected results. My files have fields: Title, Artist, and AlbumAritst. I am trying to add Album and Genre. Here are the steps I have taken if someone is willing to walk me through this I would greatly appreciate it.

  1. Add Directory (point to files i want to update)
  2. Select All Files
  3. Action Group --> Discogs Pone --> Update Settings MP3 File
  4. Extended Tags --> Leave Title, Artist, and AlbumArtist as and change remaining tags to
  5. Action Group --> Discogs Pone --> Create Scripts
  6. Tag Sources --> Discogs Pone --> Search by (Album)Aritst + Title
  7. Select an option from the albums provided and click next
  8. The "Adjust tag information" window is shown but there is only data in the Tracks section
  9. Click Ok
  10. Receive message "0 of 0 Tags updated"

It sounds like you're adusting things in the Tag Panel on the left. Instead, you need to click the "Extended Tags..." button in the toolbar. That pops open the tag editing window, and in it you'll see a lot of crazy-looking text. Choose one of the fields and click the "Edit Field..." button, and another window pops up. Then you have to try to figure out what all the options mean. It's not so user-friendly.

But I didn't see any options in there, where you can say which fields you want changed, and which not. Maybe there's another way in Mp3tag, I'd also like to do that. So far I haven't figure it out, but I've only been using it a couple of weeks...

You said earlier you tried doing the "replace all http with https" fix and it didn't work for you. It seems to work for everyone else though. It sounds like maybe something else is messed up in your setup.

Does the regular (non-Pone) Discogs search work for you?

Maybe try backing up your "Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3", and reinstall the Pone mod, with the updated export files?

Hallo pone,

habe (erst jetzt!) deine Scriptsammlung entdeckt.
Vielen Dank dafür.

ist das die aktuelle Version, oder gibt es schon was Neueres?

Jo A. Kim

I just tried & still couldn't get Pone to work; Regular Discogs works, but Pone fails with '404 unauthorized' etc...

Also, I'm always reluctant to update mp3tag versions as every time Discogs auth stops working.
Sometimes it can get it to work by mucking around with complete uninstalls and registry remnants removals, but sometimes it still doesn't work.
I've got 3 computers using mp3tag (mine, wife's & work's), and only one still works with Discogs.
1 PC sometimes will suddenly then work but 1 PC now hasn't worked for months, just gives the same as Post #763.
3 different discog accounts too, so it's not like the API keys are getting messed up.

So annoying how the folks at Discogs seem to be changing things (I assume).

It's great so many folks here are trying to get it all sorted.

I'm totally lost when it comes to the scripting language, so I don't touch anything... I just hope one day everything works like it used to back in the day (before Discogs changed authentication methods :angry: etc)

Sorry morts, I don't know what to say... Pone v4.4, after replacing the export files and doing the "create scripts" action, is working fine for me. I only had to authorize once. Using mp3tag v2.75.

Hi there,
For those how don't like to read all the post to get pone script working again I claim all information and put in one working file.
For me it work perfect :stuck_out_tongue: but use it one your own risk.
Follow the first post to install.

Discogs_Pone_Mod_4.4_update.rar (48.8 KB)

Can confirm - works great! Many thanks.

Thank you very much! Your update file worked perfectly for me!