[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Yeah, I modified the pone a bit to fit my tagging criteria, thought what I did might have caused some delayed domino effect, though I doubt it as I've been using it w/o issue for ages.

I had to reauthorize with a new token the other day on discogs. I realized I started having that issue shortly after. I'm gonna try digging around on their forums

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I have the same issue... Two days ago Discogs ID Extended (based on Pone Mod) stop to load artist info & tags

So no dice on this? :thinking:

Add me to the clueless list (artist tag Discogs)... Any guidance is welcome!

Its not bad patching in Artist & Album Artist manually on regular releases but on comps & mixes its really a PAIN, I know this is a broken web source but is there any chance of a fix or an alternative pone that is similar? none of the ones I have come close to my criteria.

Discogs Pone Create ParserScriptAlbum Standard.zip (10.9 KB)
I've made a fix. Maybe it is not complete yet but feel free to try.
Copy this .mte file to your export folder (overwrite existing file) and create the scripts again.


Create the scripts? I'm not sure how to go about doing this. :thinking:

That's explained in the first post. Since everyone can create their own version I don't know what script you use. Even if they have the same name, they can have different ouputs.

If you need a specific script fixed then please show me where I can download it.

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This is the one I use.Discogs__Pone__Direct_by_Discogs__ID.src (16.5 KB)

Ok try this one. Discogs__Pone__Direct_by_Discogs__ID.zip (4.6 KB)

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Looks good, Thanks!!!

Oh! How to fix my script?

Discogs Release ID Extended.src (22.8 KB)

How to fix your scipts manually:

In the script below this comment:
## combine anv joiners => anv joined #

regexpreplace "\"join\": \"([^\}]+?)\", ([^\}]*?)\"anv\": \"([^\}]+?)\"" "\"join\": \"$1\", \"anv joined\": \"$3$1\", $2\"anv\": \"$3\""
regexpreplace "\"anv\": \"([^\}]+?)\", ([^\}]*?)\"join\": \"([^\}]+?)\"" "\"join\": \"$3\", \"anv joined\": \"$1$3\", $2\"anv\": \"$1\""

Thanks Dano!

It now enters the artist names again.
And all the old script tweaks are still working as well.

This is how I did it. It might be of use to any others...
Used the file from Discogs Pone Create ParserScriptAlbum Standard.zip (posted by Dano 4 days ago);
replaced the file with the same name in [AppData>Roaming>Mp3tag>export];
opened and selected the Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3 file from [AppData>Roaming>Mp3tag] in Mp3tag (make sure to select it):
then go to Menu Actions>Discogs Pone> Create scripts... Thats it!

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Ok I have now added my fix to the script package. I also fixed most of the searches. (requires latest Mp3tag version)
Discogs_Pone_Mod_4.4_update_2020-06-21.zip (48.3 KB)


Thanks for update @dano. Everything works fine.
Is there any way to changing "va" to "Various Artists"? I can't find out that option.

In the "Discogs Pone 4 Web Script Settings.mp3" file there is the tag field ARTIST NAMES
It has this line
- repleace album artist "Various" with >va
So after the > sign you can change va to Various Artists


@dano Oh, didn't see that immediately, sorry. I appreciate your help. Script is awesome!