[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Get the new 3.2 version form the starting post. It does all what the 2.7 version did.
The difference is, that you can change many things now if you want, but you don't have to.
And you don't get ready-to-use .src files anymore. But they are created in step 6 of my script installation & usage instruction of the starting post.
You can delete the 2.7 files.

I see now that are created in the same folder, i did not see before :smiley:

Thanks again.

Move the Discogs Pone Web Script Settings.mp3 file to %appdata%\mp3tag and everything is created in the folder where it belongs.

Update 3.3:

Fixed: Discogs did changes again, I had to change the script again...

:flushed: Thanks again

I suspected a change was being made, but I saw no Alert posted.

First, the previous script 3.2 was a great modification - not sure if 3.3 changes needed to occur so soon - however, 1. is it possible to post a notice to users in advance of new changes coming and (2) maybe schedule them 30 -60 days...

It's like fumbling with your keys - knowing it should work only to find out the lock has been changed.

Great job.... need an advance notice...

No, that's not possible. I can't send you a alert.

I have no control of your Mp3tag or your computer, so I can't send you a notice that a update has been released.
And I have no control of when discogs make changes on their website. So I can't choose the moment when I do a update.
Only the 3.0 & 3.2 updates were choosen free by me. The first was something I wanted to change since a long time, and the second were some ideas other users had here. I do this when I have the time and the ideas, noc chance for a regular release rhythm.

But it's pretty easy for the users. Updates are always released here. If your script is not working anymore, most probably discogs has changed something and there will be a update of the script. So if you get a error message by the script, or some fields are not written any more or are written wrong, just have a look here. And if I haven't made a update yet, leaf a post in this tread, that the script has problems. I subscribed this tread per email, so I will see you meassage. That's something you could do, too, if you want a message for every script update. But of course you also get messages for other discussions in this thread.

I am sorry, everything works like a charm now. I must say your script is almost PERFECT!

Is here a way to.

  1. Auto run actions after I have clicked ok in the tag information window?
  2. Auto save after actions is run (instead of ctrl+s)

Good work, keep it up! :smiley:

I'm running a portable version of mp3tag. The path for the Program is F:\PROGRAMS\Mp3tag portable

When I run step 7. run the action group: Discogs Pone>Create Scripts

It only creates the Discogs &Pone# API-List &Artist.src inside the folder F:\PROGRAMS\Mp3tag portable\data\sources

But ALL the .scr files are created in the %appdata%\mp3tag I was wondering is there a workaround so that they are created inside the root folders of your installation instead of the main roots.

BTW is there a way to make the album field appear like this? album [catalog #] appending the album with the catalog #

Thanks for the update, only got round to using it now.

  1. no, it's not possible to combine actions and web sources in one automatic process.
    but you can tell me about your actions, maybe i can integrate them as options in the script

  2. after actions (and also after web sources) there is always a auto save.
    the only "exception" is for multivalue tags. the seperator there \\ is read as literals when you write them with actions or web sources. the only way to transform \\ into mutlivalue field seperators is ctrl+s. there is also no way to change that at the moment. i have already made a feature request to Florian to change that in Mp3tag. Maybe it will come in the future.

Ah thanks. That shows me another little mistake. ...API-List Artist should also be in %appdata%\mp3tag.

The workaround is:

  • open the Discogs Pone>Create Scripts action group
  • open all export actions of this action group (one after the other)
  • in the line "Export file name:" delete all the $if... function so that only data\sources\Discogs &Pone#....src is left over (as it is now with discogs pone# API-List Artisti.src)

I think i can make something for portable installations in the next update.

I will think for a way to combine fields freely and add additional characters. Should be possible, but will make the options more complex.

Thanks the way I fixed it was to just copy the files from the %appdata%\mp3tag to F:\PROGRAMS\Mp3tag portable\data\sources where my sources reside.

Thanks , I like the way these scripts keep growing and growing :slight_smile:
P.S pity there wasn't one like this out there for beatport.com :frowning:

I was wondering whether it is possible to add a Country column to the results page for the Search by Album(Artist) + Album script or I guess for any search? It is not always clear from the Info Column what the Country is so you have go to the next page to find out which is a bit tedious if it isn't the country that you are looking for.

Still no joy. Probably missing something simple.


Inside the \data\actions folder open the file Discogs &Pone#Create &Scripts (after editing the settings mp3 file).mta

Use notepad or something similar to replace:

$ifgreater($replace($replace($regexp(%_app%,v2.48\\\\w,v2.49),Mp3tag v,),.,),248,$getenv(appdata)\\\\Mp3tag\\\\,)



(_ represents an empty space)

The result pages of the Seach by... script search are based on the result pages of this search enginge:
I can only show things which are displayed there. And the country, if there at all, is hidden in the info lines.

You can add something like:
to the end of your search term to limit your search on a certain country.

Yes, that is also possible. But you could have done this from within Mp3tag:
Menubar>Actions>Actions>Discogs Pone#Create Scripts>Export "Discogs Pone Create ...">Export file name

Ok, that would be super!

Ok so I have one action for adding publisher and catalog number in the comment field:
Format value "COMMENT": %publisher% / %catalog #%
Example: Colombia Records / COL001

Should be easy for you to add?

I guess renaming can be done in many different ways so I wouldn't expect you to add that as script options, but this is my simple action for that:
Case conversion "_FILENAME": Mixed Case
Format value "_FILENAME": %artist%-%title%
Replace "FILENAME": " " -> "" (replace spaces with underscores)
Replace "FILENAME": "(" -> "" (replace left bracket with underscore)
Replace "FILENAME": ")" -> "" (remove right bracket)
Example: Tiesto



I've uploaded the Discogs &Pone#Create &Scripts (after editing the settings mp3 file).mta file for any users out there who use the portable version of the app.

Just place this Discogs__Pone_Create__Scripts__after_editing_the_settings_mp3_file_.mta (2.6 KB) inside your DRIVELETTER:...\data\actions folder, and once you run this .mta file the scripts are then created inside your portable folder instead of the %appdata%\mp3tag

Discogs__Pone_Create__Scripts__after_editing_the_settings_mp3_file_.mta (2.6 KB)

Thanks for that. I have just replicated the Album Artist + Album search script with a different &country added to the search for each one which has solved my problem nicely. :smiley:

Is it just me or is 3.3 not working anymore?

Do I need to update your dummy mp3 also if I go from 3.2 -> 3.3?