[WS] Discogs Releases by using Discogs API for Deejay's

This Script is Optimized for:
iTunes 8
Traktor DJ Studio 3.x, Traktor Pro
Trakker (file management & track browser replacement for Traktor DJ Studio)(very cool App)

iTunes 8 - Now with fully compilations, AlbumArtist support (nice for Coverflow, iPhone, and all other Apple products)
Traktor DJ Studio 3.x, Traktor Pro
Trakker (file management & track browser replacement for Traktor DJ Studio 3.x)(very cool App).

Search by: Artist & Album and or Discogs Release ID
Imports: DiscogsID, Cover, isCompilation*, AlbumArtist*, Artist, Album, CatalogID, Publisher/Label, Mixartist*, Genre*, Country, Date*, Position*, Title, Remix, Remixer

isCompilation*=e.g. you will see your release as a compilation in iTunes / if it is a compilation AlbumArtist*=e.g. You will see the Album Artist (nice for itunes) Mixartist*=If the release is Mixed by a DJ you will get it. Genre*=Replaced by Style for a better searching (e.g. Techno, Electro House) Date*=I have added a new cool future. We will get the YEAR... :rolleyes: (for e.g. itunes) And now the FULL Releasedate in the format YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2008-06-23) Optimized for trakker and Traktor DJ Studio Position*=Vinyl Site if exists (e.g. A1, A2), Or Track Number if it's none Vinyl Genre*=Replaced by Style for a better searching (e.g. Techno, Electro House)


2009-08-03: Version 1.5 / First Release of this Script - tested with mp3tag version 2.42

5000 calls per IP Address (per day)/ API (Discogs)

Known issues:
If the first "Track" Artist not exists (there can be a problem with the artist TAG)
But.... It is not often that we have this issue. (Check the Artist Tag by reading)
I optimize this script and fix this problem, first i must speak with the developer team.

I recommed for a nice clean Tagging to add this two Actions (not required but you clean your Tags):
First Action: Delete Tags without:


Second Action: Tag to File
Note: Change with your Driveletter mp3 Path.

$if(%isCompilation%,<yourHDD>:\Labels\\%publisher%\$if(%album%,%album%\,)$if(%POSITION%,'['%POSITION%']' ,'['$num(%TRACK%,2)']' )%artist% - %title%$if(%remix%, (%remix%),),<yourHDD>:\DJs\$if(%band%,%band%\,%artist%\)$if(%album%,%album%\,)$if(%POSITION%,'['%POSITION%']' ,'['$num(%TRACK%,2)']' )%artist% - %title%$if(%remix%, (%remix%),))

Output (non Compilation): DJs\Artist\Album\[A1] Artist - Title (Remix).mp3
Output for Compilations: Labels\Label\Album\[01] Artist - Title (Remix).mp3
A1 = Vinyl Positon, 01 = Track Position (none Vinyl)

For updates i Will edit this first post. Happy tagging. :sunglasses:

[Note: Over 450 Downloads now, sience Version 1.0 of this script but the download counter resets when i update the script here]

Files in RAR Archive:
discogsapi4djs-at.src -> For searching via Artist and Album
discogsapi4djs-upd.src -> For searching via DiscogsID
Install? HowTo install is in the scripts. :wink:

discogsapi4djs_at.src (14.3 KB)

discogsapi4djs_upd.src (14.5 KB)


first off all thank you very much, this is exactly what I have looked for for a long time, till now I did the tagging with Tag&Rename but wanted to get the Discogs Data automatically.

Because I'm not really familiar with this program by now, but the idea to clean the Tags before is very good, where do I have to ad the delete function in the script.

Thanks in advance and again thanks for the great script. :music:


You always have to manually update the tags because discogs isn't really clean to collect the data - e.g. mix names not always there, you can't always split the mix name from the title, sometimes the mixer/remixer are in the credits with a horrible logic (Mixed by xyz [tracks A5-A7, A10, B3-B5]) and not beside the tracks ...

I always use this file name logic for tracks: artist_title_(mix name).wav

At first I delete the id3 tags (but normally I have wav's only so they are not there), use a mask (%1_%2_(%rb)%d) to fill the tags from file name (with tag&rename due .wav files), in URL tag I type the release id from discogs.com, manually fill album/album artist if it's a album/compilation, in year I add the origianl release of the track (not the release year of the release!) and update my own genre because sometimes they are completely wrong or on albums/compilations you have multiple genres (for each track) and not for this ONE track.

So all is not really useful if you want correct data.