[WS] Discogs Web Service

Mp3tag v2.40 or higher required

How do I install the script? / Wie installiere ich das Script?

  • Discogs Web Service#List Artist Releases Search by: Artist Imports: Artist, Album, Genre, Title, Year, Style, Publisher, Country, Mediatype, Cover
  • Discogs Web Service#Release Id Search by: Release Id Imports: Artist, Album, Genre, Title, Year, Style, Publisher, Country, Mediatype, Cover
  • Discogs Web Service#Search by Album Search by: Album Imports: Artist, Album, Genre, Title, Year, Style, Publisher, Country, Mediatype, Cover
  • Discogs Web Service#Search for Artist Url Search by: Artist Imports: WWW (url of artist homepage)

not available at the moment


Just two questions regarding your great scripts. Forgive me if they're lame, as I'm definitely NOT a hardcore user :wink:

  1. release type - I found that the older scripts were sometimes able to extract the Type (release type) of a record: CD, 12", etc. It was quite helpful to identify the right discogs entry. Here The field's gone and the Summary is a bit too long to be consumed quickly.
  2. saving covers - I'm not really sure if it's about the script or mpr2tag itself. The new layout that allows you to see details of tracks, the cover, etc. is much better than the old one, but I'm missing the icon to quickly save a cover to your HDD. I know it's in Utils now, but it's not that ergonomic as it used to be.
I may be mixing requests, but anyway...

dano, I have a couple of questions for you if I may. First, is there anyway to remove the asterisk and number in brackets after an artist name? Second, after using the direct artist script in this thread I did a search for an artist from a compilation and when the track listing came up it was messed up. Please reply ASAP. Many thanks.



  1. The release type is saved in Mediatype, isn't it?
  2. Your right, but that's related to Mp3tag, not the script. The option is also available with right click on the cover in 2.40

Please give me artist or album names where this appears.
If you want to clean the tags in a certain way, you might create your own action group that you run after the online tagging.

dano, i have to thank you one more time for your effort in giving us beautiful WebSources !!!
In fact everytime i think of a possible websource it's always there waiting for me at the forum :smiley:
I don't even need to ask for it !

The Discogs script made to search by ReleaseID still works best for me! :slight_smile:

With these scripts i sometimes can not find albums that are indeed on discogs.
(Because i just checked there before tagging).

I have one little remark about the scirpt though....
When you use it on an album that has 2 CD's the track numbering will not start over for the
second CD, it will just keep on counting. :?

Nonetheless, kudos for the ReleaseID script though! I would be nowhere without it! :smiley:

Bug (and I hope I am posting correct now :unsure: :wink: ) with multi-discs: It gives a faux track "Disc x" for each disc.

Can you give me the release id of an example?


A double disc version of Motörhead's "Bomber".

Edit: Just to make sure whether I am actually using the appropriate tool or thread: It is the Discogs Web Service source.

I've made updates.

Works here, thank you very much.

But, now the year column is the first, meaning that I cannot start to write "Bo" to get to the album "Bomber" etc.

Also, for wishlist: total # of tracks, just like the MusicBrainz lookup? Very useful for re-releases and for albums where the title track was also released as single(s).

What should i change in the code to get the ORIGYEAR date in the YEAR tag and delete the ORIGYEAR tag

for example
YEAR 2010-12-23

I've been using the Discogs Web Service#Release Id script for a few years now, it's perfect for my needs but it seems to have stopped working.

I get error message "Error connecting to server: www.discogs.com".

Other scripts / tag sources seem to be ok it's just this one that is affected.

Is there any way to fix this or perhaps an alternative script that will allow me to search by Discogs release ID?