[WS] Google Images Cover Search

This script is not working anymore!

The problem is that google images is only accessible via HTTPS URLs, which can't be parsed by Mp3tag.
If anyone knows a way to to access it via a HTTP URL, please let me know!

Thank you for almost 3000 downloads of the last version!

first update (v 1.1)
The "List of search results" dialog has now a extra column for the filesize.
The Results are now presented in the following way:
filename | website | imagesize (pixel) | filesize (KB)

another update on the first day of the script (v 1.2):

I changed the search to prefer %albumartist% for search if present, otherwise %artist% is chosen.

I made some replaces of URL-encodings of some special characters which were not transformed in all cases. In others they were. I don't know why. If you detect more characters/encodings which make problems, let me know.
The encodings I replaced with their coresponding characters are:
%3F -> ?
%3D -> =
%26 -> &
%25 -> %

  • see starting post for download -

das plugin funktioniert super! leider ist damit keine automatisierung für mehrere files möglich.

perfekt wärs, wenn mp3tag eine derartige funktion bzw aktion zur autmatisierung von coverimporten über eine bestimmte datenbank (in diesem fall google images) zur verfügung stellt.

you can do all files of one album in one go

i mean hundreds of files of different albums :wink:

simply automation:

for each file

  • search for cover with google images cover search
  • choose first pic
  • save it

by the way: the simple nice tool mp3coverChanger does the full automated cover tagging very well: http://digijay.kilu.de/forum1/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=298. but it uses amzon as source, which acutally is not as good as google.

I know, but that is something Mp3tag doesn't offer.
Other programs do that, like Windows Media Player and I think iTunes and WinAmp, but they never get 100% correct covers. Often just covers of different albums with similar titles.

hmm.. afaik those tools can do the cover tagging only if the file is currently played. i dont think that they have a full automated cover tagging function - or am i wrong?

I don't know exactly. I've read this about Windows Media Player somewhere. There should be a function which adds coverartwork to the whole library. But in a fixed size which is pretty small I think. But i never tested.

Hey pone,

I got a problem with this source.
A made 2 screens to describe my problem:
You can use the extended google images search for the size. Example:

Size: bigger than 400x300
Typ: quadratically

Here The URL for this search with the search parameters if it helps:

The problem of your search was the & character. It cuts everything what comes afterward. I fixed that and added a couple of other replacements of certain characters.

i also thought about limiting the search to certain sizes and aspect ratios. but that will also limit search matches for cover pictures for albums which have not hundreds of pictures in the web. and for more mainstream albums, the first search matches are nearly always good pictures between 300x300 and 700x700.

script updated to v1.3

(over 600 downloads of the last version, wow)

first of all, thanks for updating. But i have one last suggestion:

You can search for quadratically pictures like i discribed here:

Then you'll be sure you will find a cover. Its to avoid that you'll find pics which are not the covers, because covers are always quadratically!

And it would be great if i can search the other pages of the google results if its possible, because i've had one titel which only got low resolution (80x80 etc) in the first google page, but in the second a found a good resolution (600x600)

This opinion might not be realistic.


Hmm every cover I've seen until now had resolutions like 300x300, 700x700 etc and so they are quadratically :wink:

not exactly.
many covers, or at least their digital representaions, have aspect ratios like 700x690. i don't know if goolge treats them as quadratic.

and of course, there are other formats:

  • Tapes & DVDs are normally not quadratic
  • CDs sometimes have a cover which corresponds to the backside of a standard cd case
  • CDs can also have non standard cases with different aspect ratios
  • mp3s have no standard aspect, e.g. podcasts have often cover pictures which are not quadratic
  • for live recordings you will maybe choose a flyer or a poster of the event as cover, which is also rarely quadratic

Anyway, I wrote a guide in the starting post how to costomize the script to use google advanced image search.

I'm sorry, but I don't know how to display more than 20 results.

thanks for this guide, now I can be sure to find the right cover in a good resolution .. now more than 20 results are not needed :wink: thanks for help ..

When I save this script what should I name it in order for Mp3tag to recognise it?

-- Songdog

Script Installation & Usage:

  1. Download the script

  2. Move the file into this folder: %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources

    (just copy&paste this into windows explorer adress bar)

  3. Run the script from Mp3Tag with this button:

name it name.src

QUOTE (pone @ Mar 29 2011, 17:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Script Installation & Usage:
  1. Download the script

  2. Move the file into this folder: %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources

    (just copy&paste this into windows explorer adress bar)

  3. Run the script from Mp3Tag with this button: :mt_help:

-- Songdog