[WS] Google Images Cover Search

thanks for quick update pone!
you only change google.com to google.de?

no, that was unintentional. will set it back to .com right now.

i also left my personal customisation in the script, i will leave that, can be changed as described in the starting post.

what i changed to fix the script is in line 55 and 56.

had to be changed into

How Can I modify it for advance search in one site?

Use the google operator site:

You can use the operator in the search box, or you can modify the script to always search only in one site. For example, search only at amzon.com:


However, some test I made with this didn't always bring me the results I hoped for. I don't know why.

Thank you very much for the update Pone :w00t:

Thank you very much! it is a great work! :laughing:

thanks pone,

1.6 works great. :w00t:




Today, the 1.6 script does not work anymore . I applied the inverse manipulation and everything works fine :smiley: .

In line 55 and 56.

had to be changed into


[ggle trad]

Ditto here, works perfectly again now... :music:

Update 1.7

Fixed: Script stopped working. adapeted script to changes at google. now working again. Thank you biboun for your advice.

google image search 1.7 seems different like before:

how can i delete the column "description"
or has google changed something ...



Everything works great but when i'm trying to find pic art not in the English language its not working..

Update coming soon.

schade dass


bisher noch keine zeit hatte. wäre sehr hilfreich wenn das script wieder wie gewohnt
funktionieren würde.


Update 1.8

Fixed: The "description" column shows proper output again. Thank you apollo10 for reporting this bug.

thanks pone mf for the update

(only one number in the script had to be changed...)


Another faster way of batch downloading album art is using a new tool called DisCoverArt.
DisCoverArt is a command line tool to download albumart (coverart) for mp3 music files based on artist and title or album.
The target audience are people who have organized their music collection in a single track artist+title way iso based on albums or album directories.
This tool can be used stand-alone, but it was aimed to be used in conjunction with mp3tag.
See this topic: /t/14521/1

Hey, this is no longer working can you possibly try to fix it. It seems google images has a new url which is www.google.com/imghp. When you type in the search string that the current .src uses it redirects to "https://www.google.com/search?q=%s&tbm=isch". It seems the url is working correctly but it never finds any matches so the problem may not have anything to do with the url?

Yes, I can also confirm this fantastically useful script has been broken for at least a couple of weeks.

I would also greatly appreciate an update!


This script is not working anymore!

The problem is that google images is now only accessible via HTTPS URLs, which can't be parsed by Mp3tag.
If anyone knows a way to to access it via a HTTP URL, please let me know!

Thank you for almost 3000 downloads of the last version!