[WS] Import lyrics from websites

Mp3tag v2.39 or higher required

Finds song texts and saves them to the UNSYNCEDLYRICS field (official ID3v2 field).

How do I install the script? / Wie installiere ich das Script?

Search for lyrics on different sites!

Note: Darklyrics only has songs from Metal bands and to use it properly you must select all files of an album and you'll get all songs at once.

Other scripts in this thread:
Lyriki & Lyricsmania

Lyrics_Darklyrics_02.zip (797 Bytes)

Lyrics_metrolyrics_02.zip (736 Bytes)

Lyrics_SongMeanings_02.zip (687 Bytes)

Lyrics_Magistrix.de_03.zip (1.01 KB)

&Lyrics#Musixmatch02.rar (852 Bytes)


can anyone please tell me what lyricsforall.zip is all about?

Is that an add-on to mp3tag?

Thank you.

It's a web source script to save lyrics in the ID3v2 tag.

Lyrics_lyricWiki_04.zip (828 Bytes)

Thanks Dano. Works great.

A few questions:

  • When viewing these files with iTunes, the lyrics show up in the lyrics tab but most of the lines begin with an HTML line-break tag (br). What can be done to prevent this?

  • Is there a column I can add to Mp3tag to display whether it has lyrics in the tag?

  • Is there a way to merge the lyrics-downloader with the line-breaks utility?

Do you have the latest version of the linebreak action and do you apply it after lyrics have been saved?
How do the lyrics look in Mp3tag? Check with ALT+T or click on :mt_tag:
If all that does not work give me examples of songs.

You can add a column with the value $if(%UNSYNCEDLYRICS%,x,)

Not at the moment.

Oops. It worked without the extra breaks after I ticked read & write ID3v2 in options.

Thanks Dano!

It happened again.



They have the HTML break (br) or (br /) tags.

Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Hall & Oates - Out of Touch

Though it did work on some other songs.

Ok, I didn't know they also use
I included this now and the action now also changes the language description from undefined (XXX: ) to english (eng: )
I think if the language is not set to english, itunes rewrites the lyrics when saving tags.

Thanks Dano. It now works with every song I try.

Now, if there was only a way to make this work on multiple selected files.


Awesome. Thanks Dano.

Is there are way to make this script work on multiple files? When I select multiple files it just saves the same tag from the first title search.

For the song 'New Order - Whos Joe' no results come up. Why is that? I tried

Who's joe?
whos joe

No result.

  1. It's not possible.

  2. If the website doesn't return results for you entries, it's no surprise it doesn't work in Mp3tag..
    How about who's joe

Added Darklyrics.com for the (Heavy) Metal fans. It works different from the other scripts, it tags all songs from one album at once.
You also need album and artist tags filled (or know them).

Thanks for adding Darlyrics.com. :slight_smile:
Now it's even easier to tag metal songs.

I'm having trouble adding this script. When I look for the folder .../Application Data/mp3Tag, I can't find it. I have hidden folders/files shown turned on, and I've also tried to go to the folder directly by typing in the generic path in the address window. I'm using mp3Tag version 5.3 Build 3.73. Is there something I've haven't done correctly in the installation of mp3Tag? It appears to work fine.

Sorry but you are using a different program.
This here is about http://www.mp3tag.de/en/

Hi dano

Thank for the Mp3tag.It`s a great programe to make the tag-editing easiliest.

I get some trouble while use the web-source function.

I try to find the lyrics for the album Invincible of Michael Jackson

there is the script i write to parses:


After parses i get the [ParserScriptAlbum] will be :http://so61.com/bin/db/album.php?a=1011102JE

its quite easy to set the first lyric to the "UNSYNCEDLYRICS", but when it put the 2nd lyric into the "UNSYNCEDLYRICS", its fail to put the whole lyric into "UNSYNCEDLYRICS",

Do the "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" has the max queta?

Is the "findline" function cant recognize the chniese char?Its seem not to parses the chniese char.

The scrpit is write for collect the all lyric of one album to the select songs.It might work if the queta problem is solved.

sixone_album_singer.src (3.36 KB)

I have c'n'p together a script for seeklyrics.com. It displays only the first 20 hits cause I don't know how to handle "next" :stuck_out_tongue: Also, ID3-Tags with hyphens aren't parsed correctly.

thanks for the great framework!

PS: I need a good site to parse for punk lyrics. anyone?

Lyrics_seeklyrics.src (1.55 KB)

I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful program, and in particular for these lyric src's. They've made my life much easier.