[WS] Import lyrics from websites

But the covers are of mixed quality

Cover_Art_LyricWiki.zip (514 Bytes)

Thanks for the script, just used some hours to try it again myself.
After 3 hours (and at least one of that just cause i couldnt get my debug to work) i just realised that I searched for the wrong parameter and for that reason nothing could be found (is it possible that the FindLine function doesn't accept variables like %artist% or %album% ? anyway....)

got it to work as I looked at your script and searched for a better method for FindLine ...

I used the different of the 2 Methods I mentioned in my post so I used the direct File Page for searching for the full-size-file.

Here's my script, if anyone wanna use it :slight_smile:
Cover_Art_lyricWiki_File.src (681 Bytes)

Ah by the way, you need to capitalize your search strings in your script just like on the original lyricwiki script cause on lower-case-abums or -artists it wouldn't find anything :slight_smile:

So, think we got both methods covered now :smiley:

Thanks again for the script and indirect help :wink:

Cover_Art_lyricWiki_File.src (681 Bytes)

I have a problem with the script for magistrix.de

Even though the lyrics are on the website, in MP3Tag it won't be displayed.
I can select the proper artist/title in the selection window, but in the tagging window there is no unsyncedlyrics field.

There is any way of search lyrics in mass?

something like get a array of selected song names and artists and do a loop of searches.

I wrote a script to import lyrics from some sites, works fine.
but some things is just don't clear to me, because I edited others scripts.

I'm a programmer, but I don't really get the whole idea of this scripting language, is not procedural, doesn't seems like goto, nether any other that I know. I'm not sure if the statements are actually like writting to a buffer or just discarding text.

what is that for?


outputto "coverurl" this I understands, I guess...

theres any way of do a search, get the lyrics, and then search other url and get the cover and output both lyrics and cover in a single script run?

I know it's a lot of questions, I not found any useful reference on this forum and now Im feeling very dumb, if can anyone clarify some of these questions, I appreciate.

Hey Is it possible to make a script for rapgenius.com?
If so, is someone who is able to do that, interested?

Here's a script for rapgenius.com.

The script extracts only lyrics from the Rap Genius active "lyrical definining" engine. There will be no explinations to the lyrics. I believe this is what your looking for as rap genius isen't really a lyrical database. They define it at as,

"Rap Genius is your guide to the meaning of rap lyrics (basically the internet version of the nerd-ass “rap dictionary” dorm-mate you had in college).
You can listen to songs, read their lyrics, and click the lines that interest you for pop-up explanations – we have thousands of canonical rap songs explained (2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z – even the beginning of the Torah..)
Our aim is not to translate rap into “nerdspeak”, but rather to critique rap as poetry.

I don't listen to much rap but this site is really something special for those die hard hip-hop enthusiats....

Lyrics_RapGenius.zip (1.55 KB)

  • Updated 05-25-2013

Lyrics_RapGenius.zip (1.55 KB)

I updated the rapgenius script to correct the tag field mapping, details below:

OLD tag field was set to "UNSNYNCEDLYRICS" which was a spelling error on my behalf.

NEW script outputs to tag field "UNSYNCEDLYRICS".

Original post was editied to include the updated script.

(apologies in advance for any thread hijacking, but I figured one reply would be okay :slight_smile: )

i used AutoIT to create a LyricsWiki script (and DarkLyrics is an option). It will work on arrays of songs. See this thread.

Import lyrics from: Lyrics.com - your music community with the largest searchable lyrics.

I haven't had any problems with the script yet. If you run into any issues let me know!

Lyrics_Lyrics.com.zip (627 Bytes)

Lyrics_Lyrics.com.zip (627 Bytes)

Additional Substitutes for lyricwiki script:

[ -> (
] -> )
{ -> (
} -> )
< -> _

-> _

Though they are pretty rare on tracks they ocassionally appear and could be covered

Additionally I think the $caps2() function would be better because sometimes mid-word-capsed characters are brought down to normal case and it can't be found on lyricwiki. Will try this in my script for some time and see if it gives problems
Also solves problems with mp3tag converting characters to normal case when they are following a special character

How do i install these scripts? i put the src files in my sources folder where Mp3tag was installed, however, when i open the program and go to Tag Sources, i don't see anything about lyrics, i see the usual Amazon, FreeDB etc.

Can anyone help me install the lyrics script please :frowning:

Edit: I have put these in my Program Files folder, or are the scripts to go on my APPDATA folder?

You have to install them in the APPDATA folder, sorry, great scripts guys, my appreciation is endless.

SongMeanings did a long overdue overhaul of their website so now the old script doesn't work anymore. Here's an updated version: http://ubuntuone.com/1MN8S8ngrN4hbyZqdQHJvi

I created an account mostly just to say thanks for the lyrics download scripts. I used to have something in Mediamonkey that would let me do batch downloading, but I can't remember what it was called and I can't find it yet after reinstalling Windows. A Google search had me stumble across this thread, and I already had mp3tag installed, so I tried these scripts. The Dark Lyrics and Lyrics Wiki scripts posted by Dano work fine. I can't do batch tagging with Lyrics Wiki, but Dark Lyrics lets me tag an entire album at once. I'm satisfied with both. I didn't try Magistrix and his Song Meanings didn't work and I think the Metro may not have worked either, but the two I was most needing were Lyrics Wiki and Dark Lyrics anyway. Also, the updated Song Meanings script right above my post by InspectorMustache works fine when doing one at a time. The Lyrics.com script by tbum20 four posts up from mine didn't work. Overall though, I'm happy with what I have and wanted to thank you all. :music: Oh, mp3tag has been really helpful as well. I like to do my tags manually and have control over them. Thanks for the program.

Problem with tag (') character:
LyricWiki (and probably other sites) fail to serve the reuest if it includes a tag charcter.
When searching in the site the tag is replaced with %27 - i.e.:

I tried to modify the lyricwiki script in the following manner:

[SearchBy]=$caps(%artist%,- ):$replace($caps(%title%,'('- ),&,'%26',?,'%3F')

My modification

[SearchBy]=$caps(%artist%,- ):$replace($caps(%title%,'('- ),&,'%26',?,'%3F',','%27')

When I tried using it I got the following error:

Is it possible to somehow escape this character? (I tried quoting it and prefixing with \ but got the same error).

Well a single quote can be escaped by using two single quotes: ''

But I did not experience a problem with singles quotes in the query.

Without syntax error the expression looks like this ...

$caps(%ARTIST%,'- ')':'$replace($caps(%TITLE%,'(- '),'&','%26','?','%3F','','%27')


can someone make a script with the maxi lyrics database plz ?


I found https://github.com/kenshiro-o/RapGenius-JS/ for those looking to extract lyrics from Hip Hop songs. I don't know how to use it, I've installed it but how do I integrate it with Mp3Tag?

That is not compatible with Mp3tag.

But in this thread there is already a script for rapgenius:
[WS] Import lyrics from websites

SongMeanings doesn't seem to be working again. Did they change their format again?