[WS] Import lyrics from websites

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Can someone make a script for Musixmatch ?

like this page


It has many songs in many different languages :stuck_out_tongue:

I just started scripting yesterday and tried to create some scripts for missing but useful websites for lyrics. Also musixmatch.com :wink:

So here are the scripts for lyrictranslate.com, golyr.de and musixmatch.com. As I just started scripting with this framework yesterday, I'm up to tips and improvements from your side! :slight_smile:

Note: musixmatch.com worked for me for maybe the first 200 songs. After that google blocked my IP from using the site and asked for a captcha to prove that I'm not a bot. <_< I'm not sure how to solve this yet, apart from using another IP.

Golyr.src (1.62 KB)

Lyricstranslate.src (1.57 KB)

Musixmatch.src (1.79 KB)


Just found out about this functionality, but am I mistaken that this needs to be run one song at a time and can't be done as a batch?
Batch would be so clutch.

have a look at

Is there a way this script can only just copy the lyrics but not the extra markups of italics?

See for example: https://genius.com/Eminem-kick-off-lyrics

There is italics on the end of the intro which results in the tag displaying

"I need you to spit that lyrical miracle… in the swimming pool"

Is there a way to remove the ?

It's not a big deal since the source works really good but just something minor I noticed.

It looks like Lyrics Wiki has moved to lyrics.fandom.com/wiki/LyricWiki, so the script needs updating. I haven't a clue how to update the *.src file, myself, so here's hoping someone fixes it soon.

Hello, thanks a lot for your Musixmatch plugin. Having searched all over the net, I can say that it's one of the most worthy for finding lyrics! However, there are some slight issues (may be due to their updates...?) when grabbing lyrics.

It would miss the first line of lyrics on all songs, then sometimes miss parts of the lyrics (I'm not sure if it does that on all tracks) and finally there is this "span" thing that you can encounter across the lyrics.

I'd be very grateful and appreciate it if you could update the plugin.

Thanks beforehand.