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Danke pone. Du hast mich zumindest dazu gebracht, nochmals das Skript durchzusehen und sorry für den überflüssigen Schreibaufwand.

Ich hatte auch ein deutsches Skript, aber in der US-Version kam nichts, weil es nichts bei Itunes gab und in der deutschen Version war ein Tippfehler, den ich noch nicht bemerkt hatte. :blush:


Question to you,

At my car I can only use covers like 500*500 max. is it possible to change it manuell @ the script?


Search this line:

regexpreplace "100x100" "600x600"

and replace it with:

regexpreplace "100x100" "400x400"


regexpreplace "100x100" "200x200"

or delete it completely

I don't know if 400x400 and 200x200 is present for all releases. A quick test gave me positive results. You will have to test it while you're tagging your files.


with this script it removes the date from the copyright info in the publisher field.

what needs to be added or removed to the script to keep the date with the publisher name?


i would like it to show... ℗ 2013 mp3tag instead of just ℗ mp3tag in the publisher field

thank you in advance if anyone can help


of course it does. the year is written into the YEAR tag field, the publisher into the PUBLISHER tag field. note that on itunes, for many old albums the copyright date is not the date when the album got released first.

i just noticed that the script still writes the "℗" into the PUBLISHER field. should not be there, I changed this in my own version, but forgot to upload it into the forum.
i will also have a look into the different dates at copyright and "released first"

for your wish:

change that:
outputto "PUBLISHER"
regexpreplace "<<<year\d*>>>" ""

into this:
outputto "PUBLISHER"
regexpreplace "<<<year(\d*)>>>" "$1"


thank you for the addition to the script


is there a way to get info from scripts that are hidden on the page?

i have a large number of purchased music that is missing the ITUNESCATALOGID tag/numbers due to some mistakes being made when using mp3tag. at present the only way i can do it is by adding the values manually.


Sometimes the script doesn't retrieve metadata for all the songs in a album. For example I tried getting metadata for the album "I Hate Luv Storys". It has 8 songs but when I click on it I only get info for 7 songs. I have tried changing country too. And have checked on itunes site also. All 8 songs are listed there. I have attached the version of scrips I am using. Please fix this if possible. BTW thanks a lot for this script. This is exactly what I was looking for.

iTunes.src (3.33 KB)

iTunes___UK.src (3.35 KB)


sorry for not answering.
i had read your question, but didn't find time to test it. afterwards i forgot about it.
i will have a look into this soon. always takes some time to check little bugs in the script.


This is actually not an error with the script or mp3tag. It is actually an error in Itunes, you saw the last track number is 8 but if you look closely the album only contains 7 songs it actually has no track 3, the track list goes 1,2,4,5,6,7,8. haha . I saw this issue and with my knowledge of how this stuff works it didn't add up so I investigated....


It's not an error at itunes but indeed a matter of different tracklists for different countries. A matter of of publishing rights, I guess.

Check the difference:
German (without track 3):
Indian (with track 3):

to get the script to the Indian cataloge:



Good deal, I didn't mean iTunes itself has an error but the the source of the problems he was experienceing, haha.



This is a great script and certainly saves a ton of time so Thank You!

How would this script be modified to search by Artist and Title? I have some MP3 where I would like to find the original album the song came from vs. "greatest Hits" or "Compilation" type of CDs. The current script looks by Artist and Album. I would assume the output view would have to be modified to show which Albums the Track/Song was on.

Thanks for any help here.


Open the .src file
At the head of the file change these two lines:

[SearchBy]=%artist% %album%

into this:
[SearchBy]=%artist% %title%

Peronally, I would recomend discogs for this kind of research. It has a much better, more complete database. I tunes dates are not always correct from what I know, sometimes the have the date of the remastering or the digital release for old albums.


First, thank you so much Pone! ^_^

I'd like to contribute, I added some countries. I'm good with simple stuff :rolleyes:

I hope you don't mind it Pone :wink:

_iTunes_Music_album_CA.src (4.12 KB)
_iTunes_Music_album_CO.src (4.13 KB)
_iTunes_Music_album_DE.src (4.12 KB)
_iTunes_Music_album_ES.src (4.12 KB)
_iTunes_Music_album_FR.src (4.12 KB)
_iTunes_Music_album_GB.src (4.12 KB)
_iTunes_Music_album_HK.src (4.12 KB)
_iTunes_Music_album_JP.src (4.12 KB)
_iTunes_Music_album_DO.src (4.12 KB)
_iTunes_Music_album_US.src (4.12 KB)
_iTunes_Music_video_GB.src (2.88 KB)
_iTunes_Music_video_US.src (2.88 KB)

_iTunes_Music_album_CA.src (4.12 KB)

_iTunes_Music_album_CO.src (4.13 KB)

_iTunes_Music_album_DE.src (4.12 KB)

_iTunes_Music_album_ES.src (4.12 KB)

_iTunes_Music_album_FR.src (4.12 KB)

_iTunes_Music_album_GB.src (4.12 KB)

_iTunes_Music_album_HK.src (4.12 KB)

_iTunes_Music_album_JP.src (4.12 KB)

_iTunes_Music_album_US.src (4.12 KB)

_iTunes_Music_video_GB.src (2.88 KB)

_iTunes_Music_video_US.src (2.88 KB)

_iTunes_Music_album_DO.src (4.12 KB)


at the first, very thanks you to made a itunes.src!
I move the itunes.src to my \Mp3tag\data\sources, but re-run the Mp3tag I can't find this in source button, I don't why...
please help me. thanks!


Please do not double-post.
You have asked the same question in this post:
Feature Request - iTunes Tag Source?

See answer there.


I'm very like this src...
but I want to ask: can I write something in this src file to I want to find 1200x1200 cover arts in itunes?



sorry, got it, I'll fix my problem.


There is obviously a limit of not more than 200 songs for an album in this script.
This should normally be enough, but at the moment I tree to tag a box-set with 316 songs and 19 CDs and this script only shows me th first 200 songs.

Is there a way to change this limit?