[WS] MusicBrainz XML Webservice


I don't believe you can search for both at the same time, but I could be wrong. I originally wanted to search by Artist instead of album for exactly that reason. I guess for artists with lots of albums, it could return too many results (and not even show the album you're looking for), but just change the "limit" parameter like I described above to get around that. To sort by anything when you get the results, just click on the column name (year, album, etc.).


True, but in the case you have only "greatest hits" as album, you must look first at MB, allmusic or LastFM for the right album, before quering MB. In this case i could also directly go to MB and look for the discID. Too much work. I thought it is probably possible to filter the result of the artist query.

In any query i did so far no year is shown!


I see my code to grab the year in the result window is broken that's why you don't see it. Gonna fix these..

I also have a script that searches for artist + title and tags only album and year, but it cannot show year and album type, they don't seem to be available.


Thank you dano for this great websource!
Is it possible to save the MusicBrainz-IDs (i.e. for the album, artist, track) in a id3tag?

You use one of this IDs already to click on the blue URL ('This album on Musicbrainz web source').
Example: http://musicbrainz.org/album/08e4f585-24ed...f3e88d5d01.html

I would like to save the part '08e4f585-24ed-4d65-9402-1df3e88d5d01' in the Tag
(like the 'MusicBrainz-Piccard' does it)

If available, the content of
would be nice too! :w00t:

What do you think about?

UPS: SORRY! Some minutes later I found your SEARCH BY ALBUM + ID TAGS Source!
Everything solved!!
I just have to remove the id3tag PERFORMERSORTORDER and ALBUM TYPE, which I don't need.


Dano: I have another little wish for your MusicBrainz-websource.

Is it possible to reduce the offered results of the search to the ones matching the number of selected tracks?

I look for an album called 'The Black Parade'. I get 3 entries back:

  • Single Official with 2 tracks
  • Ep Official with 2 tracks
  • Album Official with 14 tracks

Since I have marked 14 tracks it should be obvious, that I'm looking for the third one.

What do you think?


I like this Musicbrainz-Websource very much and it works great!

Now I found something, that I can't explain:
If I search for
"ballad of sally rose" AND artist:"Emmylou Harris"
I get exact the matching album with all the needed information.

If I search with
"Ballad Of Sally Rose" AND artist:"Emmylou Harris"
I don't get any result.

It seems, that the capitalized word "of" makes the difference.
If I search with
"Ballad of Sally Rose" AND artist:"Emmylou Harris"
I get exactly what I need.

Any idea, why it is important to write the search-word "of" in small letters?

BTW: MB has done some improvements in the XML Webservice. Mabye you could have a look to this informations:
http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Text_Search_Syntax :wink:

Ich hab noch ein weiteres Muster gefunden:
"Like Red On A Rose" von "Alan Jackson" wird nicht gefunden.
"Like Red on a Rose" von "Alan Jackson" matcht wunderbar.


I don't use quotation marks in my scripts.
Ballad Of Sally Rose AND artist:Emmylou Harris
works fine.




Found a little bug in this script, I only use the ID versions but it could be in all of them:

If an album is all one artist, but for example it has a few guest artists on a few tracks then it errors. It seems whatever is listed as "Band" will not also show in "Artist".

I've had this for loads of albums now, so it's definately not a one off.

An example album is:

See how the first track has two artists listed, and then the rest are all Dizzee Rascal but with your script it only sets the artist for the first track, and the rest are all blank while "band" is set to Dizzee Rascal.

So yea, in short it seems:
If "Artist" is the same as "Band" then it's set as blank. It should however set both "Artist" and "Band" the same...


Thank you, I knew about this but didn' think I could fix it. Now I took a second try and it was pretty easy.
You can try it in the ID scripts.


Hi dano,

I like this script a lot since it brings in some new information that the discogs ones doesn't. What I'm wondering is if it would be possible for the script to grab a couple of more tags that are in the MB album (and 1 in the Artist page) page? In for instance this page I would also like to get:

WWW - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riot_on_an_Empty_Street
WWWARTIST - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kings_of_Convenience (from the artist page)
STYLES - downtempo, electronic, folk rock, lo-fi, rock
MB_TRACK_CREDITS - has guest vocal performed by Feist (Leslie Feist of Broken Social Scene)
LANGUAGE - English, Latin

It never hurts to ask, right?


I'm having a bit of trouble. I have a release that even though I can go to it on the MB website, It will not find it in any of the scripts. I have been trying to modify the script as per your instructions to lock in on the release MBID# taken right from the page and I think it's formatted correctly as I don't get an error other than it can't find it.

I formatted the IndexURL line to this:

Am I doing something wrong, or is this just some sort of bug on this particular release?

Here is the problem release:

I've copied the name of the album directly from MB for a regular album search but get no results. This has happened on a few so far which is why I'd like some way to enter the release MBID into a script directly so if I can find it on the MB website, I can enter that number in a script and know I will get what I need.

Thanks for any help you can provide.



I have updated the search scripts, now you should be able to find your album.


My Hero!
That was driving me insane. Worked first time.

Many, Many Thanks!




thanks for the great support

can i ask whats the difference between the two:

MusicBrainz Web Service
MusicBrainz Web Service ID (+ ID Tags)


It supports a few more tag fields and also the musicbrainz id tags.


something wrong with VA releases


Try the update from here:


Hi, I have a problem similar to the one Akovia was having: there's a release I can find through the web search directly but I'm unable to find through Mp3tag.

I can't find the artist either and filtering by the tracks number throws way too much results as it only has 4 tracks.

So I was wondering if you could add a search script to retrieve the info directly from a disk ID (there seems to be a discid parameter when searching for releases). I'm always tagging my albums with ID tags but I'm finding it a nightmare to tag this one, and unfortunately I don't have quite the knowledge to write a script.

This one is the release anyway: http://musicbrainz.org/release/b19b3a0a-2b...3ef3566958.html

Thank you very much for your time, and for writing these scripts; they're really useful.


I can do it but you can still find the album with the artist + album search:
Silence AND artist:silence

or with album + tracks:
"Silence" AND tracks:4