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How do I install the script? / Wie installiere ich das Script?

Website: vgmdb.net (videogame music)

Usage: Search by album or enter complete URL in the search box

tag vgm

VGMdb_05.zip (3.2 KB)

[2019-03-16] FIX: Replaced HTTP by HTTPS (by axxeldna)
[2015-09-01] FIX: Coverurl fixed (by PBX_g33k)

Deprecated, non-working script versions:

VGMdb_cover_only_02.zip (1.5 KB)

VGMdb_04.zip (3.16 KB)

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Very nice, seems to work just fine here and even grabs the cover! :smiley:
Honestly, a search by Album would be more handy (would be way faster than looking for the album on the site and then copy/pasting the URL), but it will do just fine for now. ^^;
Thanks A LOT for your time dano! :sunglasses:

Edit: after a bit more testing.. since the URL method works for grabbing covers as well, could you maybe create a .SRC file for covers only? (sometimes I need to only add covers, not the tags themselves). Thanks again!

Album search + cover only

Hello dano,
I finally got time for some testing.. and it's FABULOUS! :w00t:
Everything precisely as I wished them to be.
This is such a time saver, very awesome.
Thanks again for your dedication in getting it done :sunglasses:
Do you see any room for enhancements? (status: "not completed" ?)
See you,


  • added more tag fields and some fixes

well some albums might produce errors, when you find them you can tell me
and currently it lists english and japanese tracks so some cds have twice as much tracks but it doesn't really hurt I guess

Thanks for the fixes.

Sure, i'll let you know; so far so good.

That's actually pretty nice, so the user can decide if he wishes to use Japanese or English tags ^^;

Hi Dano, a small issue:

For exemple I want to tag the album called "Sigma Harmonics".
It is available at : http://vgmdb.net/album/9769

In Mp3tag, I'm doing a "VGMdb search by album".
Strangely If I put: "Sigma" in the search (without quotes), I'm getting no results.
If I put "Harmonics", then it does find it.

Searching "Sigma" on VGMdb directly does yield results.

Can you see what could be wrong?

I have updated the search scripts.

That fixed it, thanks Dano. :slight_smile:

Hi Dano,
I'm not sure this thread is the most suited for my question, but it may actually be.

As you know searching an album on VGMdb returns the complete tags for a given album.
For multi-CDs albums, it retrieves the complete list of tags in the left "Tracks" column of the "Adjust tag information" window.

But say I only need to tag files from CD2 (of a 2CD album), in this case, the right column showing the selected files to tag are by default corresponding to the first tags from the left column, therefore they don't match the correct tags.

By selecting the files (from the right column) and pushing the "Move down" button allows to have them correspond to the correct tags from the left column.
But it's quite impractical to match them properly, as there are no numbers or ways to easily identify how much down (to which line) they need to be "moved" to.

Here's a picture (trying) to explain what I mean ^^;

Would you see a way to make this easier to do? (make it easier to match files to tags to the tags on the left column)
I'm not sure what I'm asking is clear, let me know if you need further details ^^;
Thanks for your help,


I'm aware of this issue but it must be addressed by the main program.

Until then you can try "Utils > Suggest Sorting ..." but I'm not sure if it works well.

Or make a copy of the script that only gets the tracks of the second cd.
You just need to replace this

# Tracks
findline "class=\"smallfont\"><span class=\"label\">"


# Tracks
findline "<b>Disc 2</b></span>"
findline "class=\"smallfont\"><span class=\"label\">"

in the src file.

Thanks a lot for these workarounds!

Indeed "Utils > Suggest Sorting ..." doesn't quite give the expected results :stuck_out_tongue:

So as you say a proper soution lies in an updated Mp3tag itself.

In the meantime manual matching or adapting the script so it only retrieves tags from a given CD will do just fine.

Thanks again,


Wow, I just found out about this script via the VGMdb forums. Must say, best method of tagging VGM albums to date, you rock dano. If you have a donate link somewhere, do post it, cause you'd certainly get a few bucks from me. You have no idea how impressed I am with this script of yours!

I'll make Alcahest feel like he's got some company in this thread now, haha. I'm wondering if it's possible, in a future update perhaps, to add a specific feature that I've been looking for forever. I'm looking to be able to add my entire VGM collection to Mp3tag (many many albums), select all files, then apply album art and/or specific tag data to every file that it matches up to the VGMdb database using the album tag of my files and VGMdb's album title. I fully understand that my tag and the VGMdb album title would need to be identical (but maybe in the future it could match by, say, track times or something if album isn't identical?). I know I can achieve this already using your script but it's limited to one album at a time. I have a hefty collection and this would take quite a long time doing it one by one. Is what I'm looking to do possible or am I asking for something a little extreme? Even if doing a batch operation like this for tag data isn't doable, I'd at least be happy with being able to apply album art in this way.

Aside from the batch ability I'm looking for, the only other thing I'd do is change the default Genre tag to just "Game" rather than, say, Original Soundtrack or Original Work, etc. I know you can pick "Game" from the dropdown, but I'm pretty sure most VGM collectors would prefer to have "Game" for genre. Maybe not though? I know that's the #gamemp3s standard anyway.

Man, all we need is for VGMdb to start it's venture into track-by-track artist information and this script will be unstoppable. Keep up the awesome work, dano!

Hehe indeed, welcome aboard the_miker!

QUOTE (the_miker)
the only other thing I'd do is change the default Genre tag to just "Game" rather than, say, Original Soundtrack or Original Work, etc. I know you can pick "Game" from the dropdown, but I'm pretty sure most VGM collectors would prefer to have "Game" for genre.

Oh yes I second this micro request. To make things even faster :sunglasses:

Great work, dano! I have to agree with the_miker that this script is the best way to tag VGM! :slight_smile:

You're welcome.

You can override the genre tag by adding this to the bottom of the script:
set "genre" "Game"

Thanks for the tip :wink:

I have a few questions I hope you can answer...

  1. Is there any way I can get leading zero's in the track numbers?

  2. If all I want is the track number, track name, artist name, year and album, how do I go about doing that? When I tag a soundtrack, tons of other comments are being added which I do not want in the tags

  3. If I'm tagging a several disc soundtrack, it'll always find all the tracks on the vgmdb page and go from disc 1 to whichever is the latest track on the disc I want to tag, is there a solution for this?

  1. Not with the script. You can run an action after the online tagging to change the track format.

  2. You can edit the script by yourself:
    Open it in a text editor, go to the very bottom of it.
    Then add for each tag field that you don't want: set "fieldname"
    For example:
    set "mediatype"
    set "composer"
    set "writer"

  3. This has been discussed already in this thread.

Thanks for the reply! All worked out fine.