[X] 2.35 mp3 files might cause crash in Traktor

I was recently using MP3TAG 2.32a to prepare MP3 files that I use with the DJ music program Traktor 2.53 (made by Native Instruments). No problems.

Recently I updated MP3TAG to the 2.35 version. MP3 files output by MP3TAG 2.35 seem to not work with Traktor 2.53. Traktor 2.53 will crash when the user attempts to browse folders that contain MP3 files output by MP3TAG 2.35.

I don't know if this is a bug with MP3TAG 2.35, or a bug with Traktor 2.53.

Although Native Instruments has updated Traktor to the 3.0x level, the new version is not yet widely used and many people are still using Traktor 2.53.

This is more likely a bug with Traktor due to missing Unicode support. Please see Problems with ID3v2 tags in Unicode format?.

OK interesting, thanks, I will try that option in the next day or 2 to "Always write ISO-8859-1 tags" and see if it helps. Traktor 2.53 is about 2 years old but many people still use it. Maybe the current version, Traktor 3.02, will be OK.

The 2.35 problem seems to have vanished, somehow.

I re-installed MP3TAG 2.32 after noticing this problem with 2.35, and 2.32 works OK.

Then I re-installed 2.35 to see if it would work with that option related to Unicode support, and now 2.35 works fine without my invoking any options or changes.

So I don't know what happened, but now 2.35 works fine. Possibly something did not work correctly in the first installation. My computer (a 2 year old Toshiba laptop) works quite well, so I don't think it is the cause of the erratic behaviour. Anyway, problem solved, it seems!

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