[X] [2.49] "Remove all tags" removes wrong tag type

When I select "Remove all tags" from the "Actions" menu (I don't know the exact name of this menu entry, because I cannot switch the "Actions" menu to German) on a set of MP3 files, Mp3Tag does not remove the tag types set in the "Remove" options (in Tools --> Options --> Tags --> Mpeg). Instead, it removes the types set in the "Write" options.

To reproduce, try the following:

  1. Select some files containing ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags (or create those)
  2. Set the "Write" options to "ID3v2" only
  3. Set the "Delete" options "ID3v1" only
  4. Select "Remove all tags"
    • Result: All ID3v2 tags are removed
    • Expected Result: All ID3v1 tags should have been removed.

Repeatable: Always

Be default Mp3tag has nothing in the actions menu called "Remove all tags"

You must have created/installed a custom action group that is just named like that. It is probably an "Remove fields except" action.

What you want cannot be done with actions, you must use the menu "File > Remove tag"

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