[X] Can no longer connect to Discogs


I downloaded the latest version 2.61a but could no longer connect to Discogs when tagging.
Every time I received an "Error connecting to server: www.discogs.com" message.

I now reverted back to v2.59a and it's working again though I think the Discogs search is not as good as it used to. I no longer get a list to choose from but it's as if the program 'guesses' the correct page. 9/10 it's not the page I want obviously.

I should say that I am using the Pone mod and as I'm typing I'm thinking it may not be a bug but the fact that Pone's mod is not updated yet to the newer mp3tag version?
Could this be the culprit?

Or is there a bug after all?

Thanks in advance for any help or answers.

If you are not sure which pone mod youhave, download the newest version (again):

Also: if you have a firewall running and, during the first start of M3tag, block the request to show the history of changes then also no other internet access will be possible.
You can check whether you have internet access with MP3tag with the function Help>Check for new version.
You should get a message box that either says there is no new version or there is one.
If you do not get any message then MP3tag does not have internet access and is probably blocked by the firewall.

Oh boy, why didn't I check my firewall first? <_<

I have an interactive firewall which asks to allow internet access for each program. The problem is, it did not ask to allow the newer version.
For some reason my firewall acts funny every now and then and just blocks certain apps even when they are allowed.

I have now manually set a rule to allow and it's still not working! However, if I temporarily disable the firewall, everything works fine so the problem definitely lies there. Will have to inspect this.

Thanks for the firewall suggestion!
I also installed the newest Pone mod.

So it's not a bug. This topic may be closed :slight_smile:

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