[X] Can't paste album art after upgrading to v2.80

In v2.78 I used to be able to paste a cover directly from the clipboard to the album art box. I did this by:

  • Select a part on an image in MS Paint with the selection tool.
  • Ctrl + C
  • Right click the album cover display in Mp3tag.
  • Select "Paste cover" from the context menu.

I can't do this in v2.80.

I closed and reopened the program and this fixed the issue. Possibly something that needs to be looked into.

You know that copy and pasting cover art is not a way I would recommend. The reason why is because it increase the size of the Cover Art significantly,


I've investigated this issue and couldn't find any problems related to Mp3tag.

One important thing to mention is, that if the programs are running under different user IDs (e.g., one as Administrator, one as standard user), copy paste is not working. This is a security measurement of Windows to ensure that one has no access to the clipboard of the other.

Kind regards
– Florian

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