[X] Check for updates broken on Windows XP

Hi, since a few versions, "Checking for updates..." under the "Help" menu is broken (nothing happens).
I'm guessing this had to do with SSL version. On XP TLS1.0 is the last available secured solution (with SSL2/SSL3 being broken).
So I would like to ask, Florian, can you fallback on TLS1.0 when checking for updates when using MP3tag on WinXP? After all, XP SP3 is still supposed to be supported..


see e.g. here:


I'd not necessarily suggest changing your Windows XP in a POS version, although this would be an option. Instead, consider updating to Windows 7 (which is quite stable) or Windows 10 (which is surprisingly good).

Basically, Windows XP is a very old operating system that doesn't get any security updates anymore. The reason why checking for updates doesn't work anymore under XP is the missing SNI support, which is required by the SSL certificates I'm using on my servers. It's the same reason, why you'd also not be able to access any of my websites via Internet Explorer under Windows XP.

I'll probably keep support for Windows XP for some versions, but I'll definitely not add any workarounds and/or comprise the security of my servers or of other users of Mp3tag just to make users of an ancient OS happy.

Actually Firefox seems to work fine.

What do you mean?
Firefox stopped updates for XP with V52 - right now we are past V59.

And? Do you still use XP?

Yes, I still use Windows XP SP3.
As for Firefox, It has received updates almost every week and installs them just fine.
My version right now is 52.7.3 and it receives and installs updates weekly.

Firefox has its own networking implementation, Mp3tag relies on Windows Networking (which has the above-mentioned limitations).

I actually use my XP machine mostly as a server for my music & video files. It's convenient
to use MP3TAG on it to update the MP3 files. My main PC is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

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