[X] Comment Field Doesn't Work


First of all, this is phenomenal software, my music management has been made so much easier thanks to this remarkable work. Thank you!

The only imperfection that I can detect thus far is that there is no way to enter text in the "Comments" field when you examine an mp3's properties in Internet Explorer (Windows 7, English version). I see that they show up when I load the tracks into iTunes, but I would really like them to show up in internet explorer as well (I use this field to determine which folder I send the mp3s to). When I manually input them using Properties, they also are recognized in iTunes, so it's a bit strange that MP3 Tag can edit it for iTunes purposes but that there is no trace of the edits when looking at the mp3 in windows explorer via Properties.

I have searched for this similar problem online and see that there's been some discussion on it, but I have yet to feel really good about a solution.

Thank you in advance.

Why do you double-post?
Comment Field Doesn't Work

What do you want? Support or report an alleged bug?
For support, see e.g. this thread
If you want to see the response to a bug report (no bug) see this thread:

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