[X] Comments in MTA

It gives error when you use ";" for comments.


; Remove totals from Track


QUOTE (MasterKaster @ May 29 2016, 22:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
It gives error when you use ";" for comments.


; Remove totals from Track


How did you get that comment into the file?
With the actions editor?

Using Notepad.
MTA uses a syntax similar to INI files,
Since INI files support comments with semicolons, I assumed MTA would support too :slight_smile:

Maybe there should be a way to add comments in Actions Editor so we can add more info/details about commands without explaining everything in Filename itself

Regarding the filetype ".INI" Wikipedia says:
"Semicolon (:wink: at the beginning of the line indicate a comment. Comment lines are ignored." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/INI_file
Although a Mp3tag MTA textfile looks alike a standard INI textfile, it is not documented, that both filetypes are interchangeable.

One tricky way to add comments into a Mp3tag MTA script file can be as following ...
Action "Format value".
Formatstring: $char(0)'here is a comment line'


Don't you think it is a bit bold to label your faulty assumption to be a bug in MP3tag?
I can see no bug as you get properly working actions if you use mp3tag as editor.

"Found a flaw in Mp3tag? Then this is the place to report it."

Yes INI looking file not supporting ; comments is a flaw

Not being able to comment on them is a flaw. Filenames are not enough to explain things, if you have multiple actions in single action group.

What if you have 50 actions in single group, can you explain everything you do in filename?

The is also the section
"General Discussion
If you speak english, give feedback on Mp3tag and suggest new features "

Looks like a request for a new feature to me ...

Can someone move the thread?

Hmm, you are comparing the inner structure and behaviour of two file types ".INI" and ".MTA", and you demand that MTA files should have the same inner architecture as INI files and should behave like INI files.
Did you ever wonder why the Mp3tag developer has named a Mp3tag system filetype "MTA" and not "INI"? The precise answer is, because MTA is a different file type.
Furthermore there is no user related tool in Mp3tag to edit a MTA file in its textual raw state.
The user is only allowed to edit Mp3tag action groups by the dedicated user interface dialogs.
Therefore there is no need to hack into a MTA file and make changes on low level textual content.

Nevertheless it would be useful to have a MTA action "REM" or "Remark" or so by which someone can add comments as much as needed at any place into an action group.


How dare one can make a resemblence of two file types! Heresy!

I didn't demand anything, you are just projecting. I requested.
You are not smart when you use fancy words like "textual raw state".
If you google that phrase, there isn't a single result for it :slight_smile:

Sometimes some files in some programs can use same architectures with different file extensions (I know it sounds crazy!)

No, you did not demand or at least this is the way it looked to me:

You opened a thread in the bugs section without any evidence that you have any faulty behaviour.
You assumed

and you accused

And finally, you comment on the language in this forum

This is not the style of forum. We try to focus on the problem and find solutions or explain why there are none.

The forum administrator (which is not me) has rated this bug report as "no bug".
Usually, this ends a bug report unless further evidence is added.

Yes, you are right, a Google result for looking up "textual raw state" has "not a single result", ...
but there are about "108.000.000 results (1,57 seconds)", at least just a few seconds ago.

Nevertheless Mp3tag today has not a built in user interface to edit a MTA file as raw text.
If you have a closer look into MTA files, then you can find out something more different to INI files, because Mp3tag stores some special characters in a special format.


Start or end their names with a number, and keep a list in printed form near to monitor or put them in a TXT file accessible via a Tools > Tools shortcut. And in time you could incidentally memorize them

Of course every change could result in a possible clusterffff

And I got 1 result for

"textual raw state"leading to this thread: <a href="https://forums.mp3tag.de/lofiversion/index.php?t21242.html" target="_blank">https://forums.mp3tag.de/lofiversion/index.php?t21242.html</a>

And I got about 33 700 000 results in 0.91 seconds for

textual raw state

And why I was robbed of the 74 300 000 missing results?
[Sorry. I just could not resists]

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