[X] Cover Art distorted, 140x148 pixels instead of 140x140


I tried v2.37j Beta for Cover art display in main window. This is wonderful. :slight_smile:

Small problem with it is, that the window for the cover art is somewhat distorting the image, as it displays it with 140x148 pixels instead of square.

Thanks for listening

Hi Michael,

can you please attach the image to your post?

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Sorry for digging up an old post, but I am having the same issue.

I will drag am MP3 into the program, go to Amazon.com or any other site and copy the cover art, and paste the image directly into the program on the cover art location. The cover art shows up but it will be distorted, basically showing the cover and then down the entire left side a small portion of the cover is repeated. It is almost like the program is trying to fill a certain pixel size, but instead of stretching the cover in both directions it only does in 1 direction and fills the remaining white space with a small sliver of the cover.

If I use the Amazon.com web source to get the cover it works great... I can post a picture of this issue if need be.


If I use the Amazon.com web source to get the cover it works great... I can post a picture of this issue if need be.

Attached is a picture of the cover after I paste it into the program and extract it back out. THis is the case with any cover I paste into the program. Any ideas what is causing this?

I just noticed that if I copy this cover from the amazon site to my desktop first and then simply drag it to the program it enters in correctly. If I take the cover from my desktop and copy it and past it into the program it looks like the attachment.

Can you please post the URL and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue.


  1. Drag MP3 (which needs cover art) into MP3Tag 2.39e
  2. Go to Amazon.com and find the cover you need. In this case I will be looking up The Roaring Silence CD at: Amazon.com Link
  3. Right Click on the Album Cover and select copy
  4. Go to MP3Tag 2.39e and right click on the cover art section in the bottom left and select past cover.
  5. The cover art is pasted as:
  6. The cover art has been cut off on the right side and and the part that was cut off has been added to the left side.

This is the case everytime I use this method.

If after step 3 I paste the picture to my desktop and then drag the picture into MP3Tag 2.39e cover art section the art will come across just fine.

Any ideas on this?

I've tried it with both IE7 and Firefox 2 and was not able to reproduce the issue.

Which Browser on which OS are you using?

Windows XP Home Edition SP2

IE Version 6 SP2

Do you also have Firefox installed? Can you try it with Firefox?

I tried it in Firefox and Opera 9.23 and it works find in both. Must be an issue with IE 6 only.

Thanks for testing!

I've marked it as "No Bug".

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