[X] Discogs returns 404 error in version 2.46a

On Windows XP, trying to use discogs.com returns the message "error connecting to server: www.discogs.com >> Not Found (404)".

http://www.discogs.com/ works fine in my browser...

What search term did you use?

Thanks for the reply!

Interesting,...it does seem dependent on the search term used. I was searching for a compilation and used the term "various". The 404 messge returned led me to believe it couldn't reach the site at all. Searching on the term "various" at the Discogs site does return a list of results.

Here's the URL on Discogs that I was hoping to use data from;


It would be nice to get a more relevant message, or even better, to search not just by artist.

The standard script doesn't actually search, it goes directly to the artist page. If that artist is not on discogs you get 404
So you enter Various, it goes here http://www.discogs.com/artist/Various

To search for an album you can install additional scripts from
/t/1992/1 or
But this album seems to cause some problems with the track titles, you can try this one:

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