[X] Error while connecting to Server: http://webservices.amazon.com

Hi there,

since several weeks when trying to launch the international or the german amazon-database an error occures and the following message is shown:
"Error while connecting to Server: http://webservices.amazon.com" or
"Error while connecting to Server: http://webservices.amazon.de"
(German: "Fehler beim Verbinden zum Server: http://webservices.amazon.com / de")

I've got no clue what generates this error... no firewall, no proxys. - Any idea?

I'm relying on v2.39 because I'm still using win2000.

Amazon now only works with the latest Mp3tag version. Their API now requires a special authentication that is not supported by old versions.

Thanks for your quick reply!
Any intentions to fix that, so win2k-users can rely on the amazon-db again?



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