[X] Even Latest Version Does Not Delete ID3v1 Tags

I have found that even if I select and delete my ID3v1 tags leaving only my ID3v2 tags, my car stereo still finds ID3v1 information and my tag information displays fewer than 30 characters.

Could you tell us what settings you use in
Also, please tell us how you access the "Delete fields" functions.
You would have to use the "Delete tags" (not fields) function in the context menu or menu File.

Yes, you are correct, I use "Delete Tags" form the context menu. Here are my File>Options>Mpeg settings:



ID3v2.3 UTF-16


The correct way to remove a certain tag family:

Set File>Options>Mpeg>Remove to the tag versions (as you did for APE and V1).
Set "Write" only for those tag versions that you want to keep (as you did for V2.3)
Select the files.
Select function "Remove tags" from the context menu or menu File.
Immediately afterwards select function "Insert tags" from the context menu or menu File.
This should leave only V2.3 tags

I cannot find the "Insert Tags" function that you have referred to in either the context menu or menu File.

Do you mean "menu>File>Read Tag?"

I already do all of your steps except for this last one. If you do mean "menu>File>Read Tag," I don't see how this would affect the tags as this only reads the tags and does no writing/updating to the files.

He probably means "Tag Paste" but this step is not needed.

Thanks, but how do I get my car stereo to display more than the 15 characters of the v1 standard? I know (from reading the manual that came with it) that it should be displaying up to 30 characters per tag/field (The v2 standard).

Please show us the manual from the car media player.
Read there about the length of tag-fields in the ID3 "standards" ...


Id3v1 supports up to 30 characters and ID3v2 is virtually unlimited.

The workflow you have used to remove ID3v1 tags should work.
In Mp3tag you should also have a tag column to see the tag types of a file or go to View > Extended tags.

I also think a car stereo is not a reliable tool to verify if a certain tag type exists or not. It may have bugs or limitations that we don't know.
One limitation might be incomplete ID3v2 support so try changing your ID3v2 settings like there:

If you don't trust Mp3tag that the ID3v1 tag was removed check what other tools on your pc show, i.e. try another tagging program or a player like Winamp.
Or the most reliable way is to use a HEX Editor and check the end of the file if there is readable text.

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