[X] Filter doesn't remember positioning

As already described in here; I cannot stick my filter on the right side, next to the toolbar

Every time I close Mp3tag, the Filter moves itself from the right side of toolbar to below it. I do not have similar problems with Toolbar nor with Tag Panel- they stay where I want them to stay. Also if Filter is in floating form, it's position is not affected between instances. And few version ago, I don't think this problem was even present

But what is most interesting: if the Filter is set on the right side and I close it [turn off] before I close Mp3tag, the next time I run Mp3t and turn the Filter back on, it somehow remembers that position. And again: if I forget to turn it off before closing Mp3tag, the next time I will have it placed below Toolbar instead [literally] right next to it

I can.
I tried it several times and it keeps its position. There is no difference wether active or hidden.

I have tried it several times and the filter window keeps the position right beside the toolbar.
There is no difference whether active or hidden.
There is no difference whether Mp3tag is in mode fullscreen or floating window.

But I got a dump, when the main window and the filter window are two separated windows.


Here is what I've experienced just now:

1] Uninstalled Mp3tag
2] Made sure nothing was left in Program Files
3] Rebooted system
4] Installed 2.75
5] Opened Mp3tag and tested behavior of Filter box- it's position was being remembered every single time I've closed and opened Mp3tag. The bug was gone
6] Looked into installation folder. Although I did manipulate position of Filter and Tag Panel, there was no mp3tag.cfg file at all
7] Copied my CFG file from a backup to this new installed version. And only the mp3tag.cfg file, nothing more
8] Opened Mp3tag
10] The Filter immediately started to behave like before reinstallation- with that bug
11] In installation folder was created Mp3tagSettings.zip file
12] In installation folder was also created Mp3tagError.log file with this inside:

Mp3tag v2.75 - 18.04.2016 - 19:59:44
OS-Version: Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit
Build: Feb 20 2016 11:28:35
AppPath:  51.974.807.552 Bytes frei (C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\)
DataPath: 51.974.807.552 Bytes frei (C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\data\)
TempPath: 51.974.807.552 Bytes frei (C:\Users\Spacja\AppData\Local\Temp\Mp3tag v2.75\)

13] Once again I opened [now bugged] Mp3tag and placed the filter on the right side, in the same line as Toolbar, at the top. I didn't turn it off
14] Closed Mp3tag
15] Deleted mp3tag.cfg from installation folder
16] Opened Mp3tag: the filter was stuck where I left it- on the right side. The bug was gone
17] Closed and opened Mp3tag and turned on / off Filter few times. No bug
18] No CFG file was created in installation folder, even when I one again changed the position of Tag Panel

So it's pretty clear:
A] there is something wrong with my mp3tag.cfg file
B] settings are stored not only in mp3tag.cfg file
So please download it and report back, if you also get that bug with it

The cfg file should be created in the folder

Getting rid of CFG file from
does not help

The Filter box still is not remembered as being stuck ot the right side with that CFG of mine putted in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag

Recently I have been able to plug in the Samsung 34E790C and the Acer XR342CK monitor to my hardware [both of 21:9 format]

And to my surprise there was a change [for worst] in behavior [window menagement] of some pieces of software in conjunction with a docked options for Winamp in place. But I haven't notice a change in the behavior of Filter in Mp3tag, in comparison to my old LCD display Samsung Series 40 B2440L [which has the 16:9 format]

Does this tells us that bug could by hardware related / dependent?

So now I have the newest Mp3tag and all updates of Windows 7 x64; and also made some adjustments to Winamp, checking quite thoroughly its options

But no matter if I have Winamp docked or not, opened or not running, the Filter box after closing and reopening of mMp3tag gets always either moved or resized [up]. I can counter this only by turning off the Filter before closing of Mp3tag, because then if I reopen Mp3tag and turn the Filter back on, it will show up just like the last time it was shown. And if I forget to turn Filter before closing, then I will have to once more adjust it

But if the Filter box is floating, then it works perfectly- its position and size gets always remembered; no matter where I place it and no matter if Winamp is opened / docked and what manipulation of other windows are perform

So my only user [to some extent] friendly option is to keep Filter in this floating form. Or to wait for option of "locking toolbars"; because maybe then that whole involuntary movement bug will be somehow blocked. And so I made a request: /t/18385/1

Have you tried - after you have arranged all the window bits and pieces in the way you want to have it - to save that configuration with File>Save configuration ...
Do you get an error message?
Does the program then remember the positions?

I am still a little puzzled about the location of the cfg-file. This looks a lot like a migrated installation with muddled up access rights.


I mean yes, if I turn off Filter before exporting. If I don't- then when settings are imported, the Filter box id moved

I don't get errors [related to settings / exporting / importing]

To prevent such issues, I always install fresh copy of OS when I change motherboard. I restore my OS quite regularly. I make permanent changes to OS only when I first test them. I have the whole system and software on drive C. Mp3tag was installed in default location. I only have one user account. I have an antivirus

Although it is most likely that when something went wrong when I started using this machine. Because I don't remember that I had that problem 10 years ago. And here Lame filter position problem I wrote

That gives me an estimated time of the problem starting to appear either at the moment of a new computer or a few months after it. The previous one was running on Windows XP; now I have Windows 7

You should check if your user-account has sufficient access rights for the program folder. It is always preferable to be the owner of a folder where user-parameters are stored. That is another reason why the cfg-file should be in %appdata%\mp3tag.

Installing a "fresh" OS does not say a lot about the existing files if you don't install them into the new environment (with all the new user-ids). There are threads by numerous users who had problems after they migrated from XP to W7 and/or use a portable installation without updating ownership.
But you see: I am only guessing.

I can

1] delete the C:\Users***\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag folder
2] run Mp3tag
3] Take Ownership of the whole C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag folder
4] adjust my Filter
5] close Mp3tag
6] once again Take Ownership of the whole C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag folder
7] open Mp3tag
and est see Filter once again rearranged

What do you mean by migration?

As for OS, I did not take any files from XP do 7. All setting / adjustments / tweaks were implemented from stratch

As for Mp3tag, I migrated [imported] settings

I have an idea. If someone was willing to spend some time we could do this: compare CFG files with default settings. I would uninstall my Mp3tag, install the newest version, change / set only the Filter box, take a screenshoot visuailizing the placement of Filter

And someone who has no problem with Filter, would do the same; but instead of posting a screenshot, would post the CFG file

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Mp3tag gets updates but I have this bug constantly. It is there, I tell you

It has been two years but I finally got my hands on a laptop with Windows 7 x64 SP1 as the operating system. It never had Mp3tag installed on it. And so I downloaded the latest build 2.88d and installed it on the laptop. I also uninstalled Mp3tag 2.88 off my main desktop computer, making sure I wiped all of the files; and then after a reset installed 2.88d on it again. So in both cases I was initially using then default settings. And I even relocated [prior to uninstalling / resetting] my Windows Taskbar from left side of the screen to the bottom, so that it would be more consistent with the settings of the laptop; and removed [for the same reason] Winamp from the autostart of the OS, which is always docked at the top of the screen and is causing other bug [[X] Action group scroll down icon not showing up - again]. And reverted also [in a repeated roll of tests] to Classic Windows Theme

And what happened?

1] This bug was not present on my desktop computer with new default [from installation] settings

2] This bug was not present on my laptop with new default [from installation] settings

3] This bug was not present on my laptop with my own old [improved with years] settings

4] This bug was present on my desktop computer with my old own [improved with years] settings

So this showed me that the bug resides within my Mp3tag config files, but also that some configuration of the same operating system may not bring it up. And those findings are still being consistent with what I concluded earlier:

And so I have prepared my settings stripped down of everything I could erase from them. And still that bug persisted on my desktop computer [I did not checked them out on the laptop as it would be futile- as full version of these settings works on it without the bug manifesting itself]

And so, here are those settings: Mp3tagSettings old stripped down.zip (14.4 KB)

Anyone and everyone: please try them out

And so that you do not have to read old posts, here is what I ask off you with these settings running your Mp3tag: place the vertical Tag Panel on the left side and while keeping the Toolbar visible, put to the right side of it [in the same line] the Filter, so that they are both at the same level; and then close and reopen the Mp3tag and report back, if the Filter box stayed in the same place or was moved below the Toolbar. [Turning off the Filter before closing does not count- if I turn it off first, the next time I reopen Mp3tag it will we turned on in the same position- but that is the issue, that I do not want to keep pressing F3 every time I leave Mp3tag for whatever reason]

The whole behaviour can be tested without the need to download the configuration.

Apparently, it is not possible to persistently put the filter section to the left of the toolbar.
You can put it above, to the right, below it but not to the left.

I would think that this is due to the space calculation:
In reopening, the filter box to the left of the tool bar is the first object. And as it has no fixed length, it takes up the whole window width.
Next comes the tool bar that now does not have any space left and so gets placed below the filter box.
If, on the other hand, the tool bar is the first object, then it has a defined length that allows, if the window is wide enough, to place a filter box next to it.
If you place the filter box to the right of the tool bar and you reduce the window size so far that there is not enough space for the filter box, then it moves below the tool bar.

Or to test it the other way round: Have the order filter, tool bar and now reduce the size of the window.
Result the tool bar moves below the filter box.
Return to the original window size: the tool bar stays below the filter box and does not return to the initial position.

I do not see a way around this behaviour: if MP3tag is to run as portable installation and can be started in maximized mode, then the screen width can vary, depending on the current system. So the GUI elements and their sizes have to be calculated to fit.
And if the filter box is the first element, then at this time, there is no limiting element next to it.

With those bad settings of mine I can put Filter Box on the right side of Toolbar but I am unable to keep it there between reopenings of Mp3tag - unless I turn that Filte Box off. And that problem disappears on my desktop computer with the usage of default settings on a newly installed 2.88d version and is completely absent on the laptop, be it with old settings old default ones

So I think you did not understood me at all. Or it is me who did not understand your exercise in logic

Just to make it clear:
I downloaded your zip file and started MP3tag with them.
I did see a filter box on the right of the tool bar (so apparently that position was kept).
I did a lot of testing with and without your settings.

I then found that the positioning of filter<->tool box leads to the tool box below the filter when MP3tag is opened the next time.
tool box<->filter is fine, though.

Just for the record; this setup:

also works the same way on my desktop computer: the placement of elements does not hold up between reopenings

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