[X] Filter is Not Updated After Tag Changes

This is a fairly simple bug to describe, but a little difficult to see what would be the "Right Thing" to do about it.

In 2.44h, when a filter has been applied to a set of files, and the tags of the selected files are edited so that they no longer match the filter, the filter is not re-applied after the change. This means that files remain selected even if they do not match the displayed filter.

In order to display the correct results, the filter must be changed and then changed back to the original. This re-applies the filter and the correct results are displayed.

I say that it is difficult to see what to do about this because filtering can be a very slow operation. If the filter is re-applied after every tag edit, this could make editing with a filter in place into a painfully slow process.

Maybe just add a "refresh" button for the filter? This would emphasise that refreshing isn't automatic, and it's neater than having to alter the filter and then change it back again.

Opinions, anyone?



Agree +1

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