[X] Hangs when saving tags

I updated to the latest version (v2.87a) and now the program hangs when I want to write a file (mp3, lame encoded) with updated tags. All menu and menu icons are grayed out and the program can not be closed any more. Sometimes it does work, but it is extremly slow.

installing an older version seems to solve this problem.

According to this thread

the workarounds to deal with errors in files have been reduced.
So please check your files for integrity.
There are tools around like mp3val, mp3diags and for some errors foobar2000.

I doubt that a broken file would cause this, it's implemented in a way where it would just display no details for such kind of files.

Can you give any details on the Windows version and how you're writing the files (e.g., Ctrl + S or editing in the file view, ...)

Files are tested withmp3diag and OK
I used 2 computers both with Windows 10 (creaters edition). One is a laptop (i5 3200M) with 8GB of memory, the other a Ryzen 5 1600 with 16GB of memory.
Files were on a hard disk loaded about 28000 files from four directories. I mostly use the editor pane to make the changes in one or more files. I use the save button from the quickbar at the top.
After that the progressbarr pops up. Sometimes it is progressing very slow. Mostly not at all.
I can press "Cancel". After that everything shows in gray and mp3 tag hangs.

I just tried the newer desktop. This one does not hang, but gives an "out of memory" error and mp3tag closes. Maybe it is a memory problem, but v2.86 and v2.85 did not have this problem.
I reinstalled v2.85 on the laptop and saving is no longer a problem.

did you know that V2.87 has a library feature to deal with larger collections and avoid most of the "out of memory" aborts?
Perhaps you try that version and see if you have a better progress.

Version v2.87 isn't even able to load the collection. v2.87a can load, but crashes when you try to save a file. Perhaps the library is not working well with a 64 bit Windows version or not working as expected at all.

The library feature should enable you to load collections of far more than 100,000 files.
I use MP3tag on various windows implementations, also a 64bit system and it does not show the behaviour that you describe.
So, does MP3tag refuse to work after a certain number of files or a particular one?
Do smaller chunks work?
Or does even a single file cause problems?
What about the integrity of your file system? Does chkdsk not report any problems?

I have the same problem on two different computers. The file system is ok.
I removed mp3tag and all its parts with Revo Uninstaller and reinstalled version 2.87a.
The problem stayed. I tried a smaller amount of files, in some cases it works, in some cases it did not. On a network drive all files could be saved. That's a total different file system.
The file with a problem all started with "(", the files where mp3tag worked normally started with a track number without braces. On the network braces are no problem.
Saw another problem, which was also related to a brace at the beginning. Using the "filename to tag" function does not work either (no example, Ok button grayed out). Removing the "(" solved the problem.

90% of my collection has filenames starting with a track number between braces. I don't know why this version has problems with a starting brace. I'm using mp3tag for a many years and never saw this problems.

This indicates for me that this is not an MP3tag problem as either it works or it does not.
So I suspect that something else is the problem. A classic would be the access rights esp. if you have a migrated installation from an earlier Windows version where you did not install MP3tag in the standard program (installation) folder.
So please show us a filename that does not work.
Show us the pattern you use.
(I just renamed 34 files to have a filename with a leading number in parenthesis like this:
(101) _Ambient Diary. One _ Babel _ The Return of Babel.mp3
I used the function Convert>Tag-Filename for it.
Then I tried to import the track number with the function Convert>Filename-Tag and the pattern
(%track%) _%dummy%
and had no problem.

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