[X] Improper Mouse cursor movement while MP3tag is in 2nd Display

Now I am using MP3tag ver. 2.58 with win10.
When I place the MP3tag in master display, it seems no problem.
However, while MP3tag in 2nd monitor, the problem will be happened.
If I use mouse the highlight the song, I will hardly to move the cursor.
In addition, the mouse will suddenly jump into corner position.

Just to support you: this behaviour has also been reported in the German section:
Markieren mit der Maus funktioniert nicht mehr so richtig

There, actually, the observation was that it is not a problem of the display number but of the way in which you move the mouse cursor: if you move it from bottom right to top left you see the behaviour. In other directions you don't. It is a "feature" of W10 as it does not happen with W7 or W8.

oh, it seems a Win10 1709 update bug.

The problem is caused by SysListView32.
ref link:

Microsoft :angry:

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