[X] information in amazon doesn't found by mp3tag

i search by the cover of the album "where my christimas lives" in mp3tag but the album is not found... but the album is in amazon by the link: http://www.amazon.com/Where-My-Christmas-Lives/dp/B002Y5DEWU

why mp3tag can't find it? i tried putting " " but i think mp3tag doesn't work this way

It's a Mp3 download, that's in a different category and so it can't be found.

Do you want to tag the cover only?
Then use the Amazon script from here.

do you have plans to make mp3tag search covers in mp3 too?

i thought this script confuse, and it just crashed when i try to use it, it didn't show covers for me.

Just download the Cover_Preview_Amazon_01.zip file and extract it to this folder:

Look here if you need help finding it:

And you don't need Mp3tagCoverPreview.exe

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