[X] Maximizing Mp3tag creates a problem

Lately I've noticed that maximizing mp3tag on our widescreen monitors causes a major problem when working with many files: The vertical scroll bar is off-screen on the right. This happens when the screen resolution is set to the recommended value (native) or even at lower resolutions.

Operating system is Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit. Mp3tag version is 2.69 (latest).

Clearly this is unacceptable for us.



I have mp3tag running on single flat screens (16801050), dual flat screens (25601024) and tube monitor (1600*1200) some with WIndows 7 and some with WIndows 7&8 and some with Windows 8 and I see the vertical scrollbar on every display.

Hello Dennis,

could it be, that the off-screen issue of the vertical scroll bar happens when you attach your computer to a different monitor or move from notebook display to the widescreen monitor? Or is it really the case that you click the maximize button on the Mp3tag main window and then the vertical scroll bar is displayed off-screen?

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Upon further investigation, the vertical scroll bar only appears on-screen when the main window is maximized if the list of tracks exceeds the height of the main window. If there are just a few tracks displayed, as when viewing the files for a single album, the scroll bar disappears when the window is maximized.

This happens with fixed monitor setups, whether wide-screen or with 4x3 displays and with dual display configurations.

This behavior seems odd to me. Of course, with just a dozen or so tracks to tag, there is no need for a vertical scroll bar. That said, if I recall correctly, I have run into situations where the scroll bar was missing when I needed it. I can't reproduce that circumstance now so perhaps I was hallucinating. :wink:

Sorry for wandering off the thread but this is a more important issue for us. We desire a self-installing config file, so that we can easily ensure that all installations of mp3tag maintain the same configuration. I would like to be able to carry a single config file around on a memory stick and update all of our workstations once and know that they are alike. While I can do this myself easily enough, we have others that cannot, especially some volunteers working at home, a few of which are in other towns. In these cases, emailing the config file as a self-installing attachment would permit even the least knowledgeable user to update the configuration by simply double-clicking on the executable config file. As you surely know from your own experience, keeping more than two otherwise identical computers consistently alike is a daunting task over time. In our volunteer based organization, we have something like 12-15 computers that are used for tagging files.

We have an ambitious project here, creating a lossless digital music library in the FLAC file format with many thousands of albums, all tagged with an extended set of metadata to describe the tracks in great detail. In this way, the library can be searched for content in many different ways. We hope in time that artists and record labels will adopt our proposal for a larger set of FLAC tags and begin distributing and streaming digital tracks also in the FLAC file format with ample, consistent tags applied. In fact, I would like to ask you to review our proposal when it is codified.

Again, I apologize for wandering off topic. Mp3tag is a great program for us just as it is.

Dennis....aka "d2b"

This does not at all look like a bug to me. Even while you type in a text in this forum, you will notice that this editor does not feature any scrollbars until the number of lines in the text exceed the number of displayed lines in the text window.

As for the other problem: in this thread
A Simpler Way to clone a complex mp3tag setup
you got a proposal but you have not yet answered it.

Also: it should be possible to create portable installations on thumb drives or something similar and distribute the unified installations like that.

Yes, I've decided it's not really a bug, though many programs do not exhibit the disappearing scroll bar...Microsoft Office suite members are just one example.

As for the "other problem" you mentioned, I just now went back and responded to the suggestions. I didn't respond earlier because these suggestions place the burden of creating a simple update process on the end users when it seems like it could be relatively easy to make it a part of the application in the first place. But then I'm not an expert at developing software, so what do I know? I just want a mechanism that's simple for average volunteers to apply.

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