[X] MP3 IDv2 tags not removed

I am attempting to remove IDv2 tags from MP3 files, however, when I view the file info in winamp, they are still there. MP3Tag inserts some looooong hex strings into the description, which causes loading of several 100 files to take much too long. I go to File > Options > tags > mpeg > remove ID3v2 and APE. When I refresh the file list it still shows under the TAGS column: ID3V2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3). When I manually remove the v2 tag using winamp, all is ok. What am I doing wrong? I have tried several permutations among the ID tags (read/write/ape) and nothing seems to help.. :frowning:
Yes, I'm re-writing the IDv1 tags. I've also noticed that the artist/title fields are missing the last character in the ID3v2 tags, but the IDv1 tags are perfect! (ie, Beach Boy/California Girl .. the 's' is missing.. should be Beach Boys/California Girls)

Any suggestions?

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I don't think Mp3tag puts in some long hex string, it usually comes from itunes. To remove this tag check your tags with "View > Extended Tags". Also read this:

In order to remove a complete tag type you must use the "File > Remove Tag" command.
It will remove the tags you have selected in File > Options > tags > mpeg > remove

You are also probably falling for the »Winamp prefers Media Library« problem: Updating, even re-scanning in Winamp will not always remove what’s in Winamp’s »Media Library« and Winamp still shows crap that once was in its Media Library but is long gone in the actual tags!

The only remedy I’ve found against this behaviour is to really remove the songs in question from Winamp’s Media Library, and then re-add the newly tagged files. Sigh.

The »last character missing« is also an old problem. Usually resaving those in Mp3tag helps. (It also helps a lot not to use the old ID3v1 stuff anymore but stick with ID3v2 solely. — I have removed all my ID3v1 tags from all my files years ago and had not one problem anymore since.)

In general, it pays sticking with one tagging software (Mp3tag) and one type of tag per file type (i.e., ID3v2.3 for MP3, Vorbis Comment for OGG, Vorbis Comment for FLAC).

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