[X] multiple ID3v2.x tags in file not handled correctly

I have an mp3 with tags which display inconsistently between winamp and mp3tag. When I load the mp3 in WMP the same tags as shown in mp3tag are shown. I opened it up in a hex editor, and I found two sets of ID3v2.4 tags at the beginning of the file. It appears that mp3tag is editing the first set, and leaving the second. I don't know how the file became this way to start with. I suspect that there was originally a v2.4 tag, and since I had mp3tag use v2.3 it prepended the file with a v2.3 tag. I then later switched over to v2.4 in mp3tag, and the ID3 tags at the beginning became converted to 2.4. Winamp however seems to display the second set of ID3 tags instead of the first.

Can someone confirm this behavior?

Mp3tag does not create multiple ID3v2 tags on a file. If a file has v2.4 and the settings are to write v2.3 the tag is just converted.
You usually get a file with two ID3v2 tags when you add a file with v2.4 to WMP which completely ingores this tag version and prepends a v2.3
If you have two ID3v2 tags on a file you should delete one of them with "Remove tag"

I'm not sure this is what happened, since I didn't play the file in WMP until after I saw weird tag issues in Winamp (and other files which I didn't play at all also have this issue).

Remove Tag removes the first set of ID3 tags though, where I want to keep that and remove the second one. Is there any way to do this in mp3tag? Can mp3tag detect when there are multiple ID3 tags?

You can copy the first tag (Ctrl+C) to the clipboard, then remove the first set and finally paste this tag (Ctrl+V) so the second is overwritten by the first one.


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