[X] Multiple Select & Move in the Tag Source Import dialog


In the Tag Source Import dialog box if you select multiple tacks and click Move up or Move down in the track listing only the top most of the selected tracks will be moved.

Thanks for a brilliant program!


It's on my list of suggested features and I'll try to address this with v2.46.

Thanks for considering it Florian, much appreciated!

As you may or may not know I'm a BIG fan of the source scripts and since it's not possible to make the "One Script to Rule them All" I use 6 different for each album and I have made a huge amount of actions and customized very single script to get as much info as possible in to my files. On top I use a separate software to add BPM and KEY values...

This has led me to make a list of small and big things I dream about seeing in your wonderful software. I have compiled them in this topic. It would be great if you could take a look at them and at least consider a few of them.

Anyway I'm very grateful for what you have done so far with your program and it's getting better all the time!


:slight_smile: Matthias

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