[X] Runtime error closing Mp3tag

Windows 8 (x64) Mp3Tagv2.59a

I keep getting a Runtime error message when closing Mp3tag. I know it relates to Windows 8 and think it's got something to do with the location of the Mp3tag data file and default windows privileges but my attempts to change these privileges have not stopped the error messages. Everything else seems to work so this is a minor issue but thought it should be flagged.

The log file attached in fact is not being updated when these errors occur.

Mp3tagError.log (30.5 KB)

The cfg-file is written on shutdown.
If this file does not belong the profile under which you run MP3tag then it cannot be written.
Check the access rights for the folders where MP3tag stores its data.
to find the locations of the folders.
This is no bug, it is a local configuration problem.

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