[X] Runtime Error in saving cover under Wine

i'm using mp3tag for a while under Wine (in Ubuntu based distribution). When i'm trying to save the cover to files, i get error on:
File: mttagsourcesdlg.cpp
Line: 182

I already tried clean system, latest wine version and mp3tag.

Using wine-1.6.2 and mp3tag 2.71.

Thx for any help.

Apparently, wine 1.6.2 is not latest enough.

There is this German thread
!BAD ID3v2 nach Update von 2.51 auf 2.70
that recommends the development build 1.7.41 and the update of gdiplus.
So this is no bug of MP3tag but of wine.

Thanks, it works now on Wine 1.7.44.
Maybe for other Ubuntu users official PPA will solve the issue: Wine for Ubuntu and Ubuntu flavors

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