[X] Selecting multiple files in mp3tag doesn't work correctly in WINE

I'm not sure if this problem is related to WINE or mp3tag, but I would really appreciate you to have a look at it.

When selecting a range of files using shift-click in WINE, the fields does not automatically change to "".
However, if you select the files using ctrl-clicks, the fields change to where it should (ie. track number, or "album" when selecting files from different albums)

This caused me to change a selection of 50 mp3's to the same values as the first mp3 :frowning: (luckily the undo button worked :wink: )

WINE was configured to use "Windows XP"

'm not doing something special there. Maybe another WINE user can confirm this to be a problem?

Can some WINE user confirm this one? Does it work for some users and for some not?

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