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I have a problem when I want to select multiple songs to edit in the main Mp3tag window.
I am always working on two monitors and the problem usually occurs just on my additional monitor, which operates on lower resolution (1600x900) than my main monitor (1900x1800).

Generally, when I drag my mouse to do the selection towards the top-right corner, the mouse moves immediately to the very top-right corner of the screen (close button).
When I am dragging to the top-left corner, the selection goes very hard and slowly.

To illustrate the problem, I have uploaded a video on Streamable.

see here:

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Thank you and sorry for making a double post.
I was quite sure that is a Windows 10 problem as I do not remember having that issue before.

As I understand after reading the post on Microsoft Community, there is nothing left than wait for a fix.

Yes, this is also my understanding from the issue. I've tried to reproduce/workaround it for 2 evenings (without success) and eventually decided that it's better be fixed at the source.

Kind regards
— Florian

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