[X] Tag "comment" not work over mp3


I detect a bug regarding tag "comment" in mp3 files. When you edit the tag in mp3tag, the tag will not visible from itunes.

Now if you open mp3 file since itunes the tag "comment" is empy. After, in itunes program, if you edit since itunes the same mp3 file one more time but writting a diferent text, mp3tag read 2 tags with the same name "comment" but with different content. This is visible when you click over tags button.

If you edit m4a (mp4 audio), this problem not appear.

I uploaded two files (same advertisement spot). One file with mp3 with 2 tags "comment" and one file m4a with one tag "comment" (m4a is not a problem).

It is a bug? will be solved?

thank you florian! :slight_smile:

the files mp3 files


Close Mp3tag. Go to the %programfiles%\Mp3tag\lang folder and open the .lng file of the language you have selected in Mp3tag.
Search for
and replace with

Start Mp3tag and use Save tag (Ctrl+S) on the file.

excelent! work's very fine! thank you dano! :slight_smile:

With the latest Development Build, Mp3tag now has a new configuration dialog Options > Tags > Advanced which allows for the configuration of the ID3v2 comment language.

This implies, that setting the ISO language code via the language file is not needed (and not possible) anymore.

Kind regards

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