[X] Tags not recorded for all files


First, thanks for all your good work. I've been using your tool for ages and still use it with great pleasure as it's the more convenient and efficient I've ever found.

Since the last version, V2.54, I've encountered several times a bug while I was tagging a lot of albums. It's frequent, that's why I thought you could be interested to know it. I'm on Win7 x86.

These are the steps :

  • From windows files explorer, right click on a folder containing only mp3 files and 1 jpg, launch mp3tag.
  • Select all files, choose Amazon.com to find tags and picture
  • Select one that has the song names
  • Answer "Overwrite" to the message about the "folder.jpg" already existing
  • Answer "No" to the message about keeping the existing covers
  • Message saying all files have been tagged
  • See missing tags in the result

I join you sreenshots of the steps. The last one shows the message and the wrong result.

Hope that will help. Tell me if you need more details.

And keep the faith 8)

I am on Win XP with Mp3tag v2.54.
I have repeated several times the workflow as you have described, using amazon.co.uk and amazon.com websources without any problem.
I assume that there is no specific bug.
There might be something on your system, which blocks Mp3tag to get full access to the media file, which afterwards has no tag written.
Check your system and have a look for local crawler applications like virus scanner or media database, deactivate the specific application and try Mp3tag websource tagging again.


As long as no further information is provided, this thread is marked as "No Bug".

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