[X] v2.36 defaults to UTF-8, should be to UTF-16

Under Options->Tags->Mpeg, the ID3v2 character coding in v2.35 defaulted to UTF-16. Upgrading to v2.36 changes the default to UTF-8. This causes a weird extra character to be displayed at the end of each field (Artist, Title, etc.) in iTunes.

I'm annoyed because this has taken me a couple of hours to sort out. I think the default should stay the same, namely UTF-16.

It's an iTunes bug. That program doesn't fully support ID3v2.4 UTF-8 tags.
I also got the square charachter at the end of each field. Wich was bugging bugging me too. For now we'll just have to use the ID3v2.3 UTF-16 option in this great program.
Although it would have been nice to see the changed defaulted coding mentioned in the changelog.
That would have saved you a (valuable I'm sure) couple of hours.

Salute, Paz

The change to UTF-8 is not intended, there's something going wrong.

Mmm, seems like I've changed the default to ID3v2.4 UTF-8, but there's nothing I can do now.

Though this is not considered as a bug, since ID3v2.4 with UTF-8 are perfectly valid ID3v2 tags too.

I've changed the version on the server to default to ID3v2.3 with UTF-16. Maybe this will reduce the trouble for many people (including the support team :wink:).

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