[X] v2.69 - Check for newer version - no reaction

Hello all

<Help - Check for newer version>
No reaction ?!?

Under <Tools - Options - Updates> I have both boxes ticked.

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Maybe your firewall is blocking internet-access for MP3Tag?

In respect to your problems with Musicbrainz as described in
V-2,69 - Check for newer version - no reaction
It could well be that additionally to any server changes at the remote side that you also have blocked MP3tag from the internet access.
But let's see. Usually the check for updates is a good test whether MP3tag has internet access at all.

Hello again

I've checked my firewall. MP3tag is on the white list (unblocked).

If I download the latest version,
can I simply install over the old version

  • or must I first uninstall ?

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It's probably related to download.mp3tag.de now using HTTPS by default and v2.69 (> 2,5 years old) didn't support that yet.

You can install over the existing version.

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— Florian

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