XML and HTML export configuration file

Thanks for the update!

Feel free to upload your stylesheet - I'll update the entry at the archive when I find a little bit more time :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian

Many thanks, Florian. I've done it because I like a lot your web site design.

So, this stylesheet is a mini web site created by the contents of the xml file exported by MP3Tag.
You can browse the album info, launch your media player from the web page and search xml data for the track titles, album titles or artist name containing the text you specify.

To use it:

  1. export your tags from MP3tag using xml_md5_squonk configuration file and put the XML file in the root directory containing your music
  2. copy in the same directory the content of the MP3TagXSL.zip file (except the readme.txt)
  3. Open your MP3List.xml file; if you have XP SP2 installed you may have a security warning because there are some scripts in the xsl file, ignore it because it's safe to open the file.

Don't use the file preview.zip; it is for Florian to setup a preview in the export configuration archive.

MP3TagXSL.zip (15.1 KB)

  • (23-08 fixed a bug in SearchResults.XSL)

Your comments and enhancements are welcome.

Preview.zip (8.21 KB)

MP3TagXSL.zip (15.1 KB)

Thanks for this XML export, squonk63. Really really nice! :slight_smile:

I have a hard time making it work in Firefox, though. The display is all messed up and the search function doesn't work. Do you think you could fix this? Do you wish me to post a screenshot? There's not a single problem in IE, but I don't use it anymore and I'd like to be able to use Firefox instead.

On another note, would you have some time and will to do another style based on your XML export? I've been hoping for a very long time someone would do a iTunes-like 3-panes export (artist/covers/tracks) and I think your XML file could support it. If you're willing to try it, I'll do some mock-ups in a paint program to illustrate what I have in mind.

It was not intended to work with all browser and the script makes use of ActiveX and MSXML, so no surprise that it doesn't work with Firefox...
Anyway, after your post I've installed a copy of Firefox and googled a lot and I'm looking for a solution; so stay tuned, if I find one I'll post a new version.

Yes, I know the iTunes view you're talking about (the three lists on the top panel, for genre, artist and album and the track list in the down panel) and it can be done with xml, xsl and some Javascript. I like the idea, but I don't know when I'll have the time.
If you have some ideas an html file will be more useful than a simple image.

Anyway, you can try also by yourself, it's not so difficult...

Thanks! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks again! I don't know a lot about XML or even HTML but I'm going to ask around. :sunglasses:

Finally, it works!! Now it behaves the same in IE and Firefox.

MP3Tag_XSL.zip (29.5 KB)

If you use another browser and it works, let us know; if it doesn’t, sorry but I have no time to port it; you have the source, so feel free to change it to make it working with your browser of choice.

Thanks to BoraBora for pointing out the problems with Firefox, and to the Sarissa project for their cross-browser JavaScript implementation of XML/XSL support. You can find it at Sourceforge

What’s new

  1. The XML file is now loaded in a script into MP3Tag_squonk.htm file which is the new entry point.
  2. The XSL style sheets have been moved to the _css directory
  3. I was not able to create a unique XSL file for Firefox and Internet Explorer so there are two MP3Tag_squonk_xxx.xsl, the script loads the correct one based on the browser you are using
  4. The JavaScript code is now in _script/MP3Tag_squonk.js
  5. The new _script subdirectory contains also the Sarissa code.

How to use

  1. Export the tags from MP3Tag using this updated xml_md5_squonk export. (The only thing changed is that the xsl-stylesheet directive in the XML file has been removed) xml_md5_squonk.zip (787 Bytes)
  2. Place the content of the MP3Tag_XSL.zip file (MP3Tag_squonk.xml, _css, _images and _script subdir) in the same directory of the exported XML file.
  3. Open MP3Tag_squonk.htm in your browser.

What you have is a mini web summary of your MP3 compilation with a search function to look for song artist or album whose name contains the text you specify.

If you want to change the name used for htm and xml files:
You can change MP3Tag_squonk.htm to what you prefer; this does not affect the scripts
If you change MP3List.xml, then open your htm file and update line 30 with the new filename
xmlData.load('MP3List.xml'); must be updated to load your xml file.

Hope you like it!

xml_md5_squonk.zip (787 Bytes)

MP3Tag_XSL.zip (29.5 KB)

It's great!
Interesting to see what can be done with xml.

Thank you, dano.
Yes, it’s true; I was surprised too of xml power.
Usually I play C++ and I began just for kidding, but I’ve learned a lot of interesting things.
And of course I have some other ideas to play with, so this is only the beginning.

I hope to find the time…

I just tried it and... yes it does! :w00t: Thanks a lot!

I do! :music:

Yes, for sure! This is really amazing - thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:

Btw, I've updated the export configuration archive.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Many thanks, Florian.
The zip you have added is only the .mte to create the xml, while all the presentation stuff is in the file MP3Tag_XSL.zip. May you add also this to the archive?

MP3Tag_XSL.zip (29.5 KB)


IIRC, I've packed the presentation stuff into the configurations archive :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian

Oh, sorry. Forget my last post...


I really like your export configuration. It's amazing!

I have an issue with the cover art for the albums. It will not display my pictures, and it would seem it is because I use "folder.jpg" instead of "cover.jpg". Is there any way that I can easily change the config to work with "folder" instead of "cover"? I know I could change the names of the cover art, but that could be a pain changing ~300 files.

Also, since my track numbers are "1", "2", "3",... and not "01", "02", "03",..., will it properly sort the tracks if I change


to the following


I would assume that the .mte file is the only place I would need to make a change.


For the covers, just search in the *.xls files for cover.jpg and replace it.

Thanks dano! It worked like a charm.

If you have a sugesstion regarding the track sorting, I would appreciate it. I changed the code like I mention in my previous post. All it did was change the displayed track number, it didn't help with sorting the tracks correctly.

The tracks are sorted like this:

and so on...

It would seem that I would need to change another setting in the .xls files, but I am not sure where it would be.

Try to sort the tracks in MP3Tag window before exporting; also you may try this other xsl export iSquonk XSL stylesheet, you may adjust the sort order in the grid by clicking on the column header...

Hi squonk63,

I had already tried to sort the tracks prior to exporting. Sorry I didn't mention that. The same happens with the iSquonk sheet as well. However, as you said, I can sort the tracks by clicking on the header. Cool set up with that sheet, btw.

Wish I could figure out why it doesn't want to sort them properly from the get go.


What pattern do your filenames have?
Maybe replacing $loop(%_filename_ext%) with $loop(%track%) in the MTE file helps.


You're awesome! That did it. Just before I read your post, I tried to renumber my tracks (to 01, instead of just 1, and so forth) just to make sure it didn't have to do with those tags. That didn't work....the sorting was still 01, 10, 11, 12, 02, etc.

I never realized that it was actually using the filename, instead of the track numbers to sort. My tracks start with the track number (without leading 0's).

Thanks again for your help!

As a side note, it appears that there might be a bug in the iSquonk version. I opened my MP3List with both the MP3Tag_squonk.htm and the iSquonk.htm files. The iSquonk file would not give proper links to tracks if they have an apostrophe (') in the track title. However, the MP3Tag_squonk file does not have this problem. Also, in the iSquonk pages, it doesn't give me the headers for the columns, unless I click on them (then it sorts of course). Instead, the column headers look like horizontal scroll bars. This is in Firefox.

Thought I would pass this on.