Zoom in and view cover images

I often have to edit the files and I find a lot of information in covers files.
Is it possible to make an option in the context menu to open the cover in full size without exporting it to the hard drive?
Or is there an alternative?

While you wait for this feature to be implemented, I would like to focus your attention on the various web source scripts.
These scripts will supply most of the information that you can get from an album cover - and you do not even have to type them in.
Just a technical note: as there are numerous players that cannot cope with large and high-resolution images there is a gap between display on such a player an readability of the small print on the dump ... Your workflow looks exotic to me esp. with the other much more powerful (web) sources in mind.

I've just released Mp3tag v3.10b and added a cover preview window which can be shown by double-clicking on the cover on the Tag Panel.


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