(1) updating mp3 players drives (2) basic file info update

(1) I want to directly change the ID tags of the MP3 files residing on my MP3 player (a Snasa Fuze). MP3TAg cannot recognize the drive if I set the player to USB mode to MSC (mass storage) mode. And if I set the USB ode to MTP (media trasfer protocol), MP3Tag can see the drive and folders but NOT the MP3 files. Is there a way to accomplish this, short of modifying the MP3 files ID tags on the C: before copying them to the MP3 player?

(2) On another subject, is there a way MP3Tag could allow me to copy en masse the ID Tags (for album, song, artist, etc) to the Basic File information itself on the C: drive? I find myself using Windows OS to manually and individually change the Basic file info data via right clicking on each file and changing the fields on the Property tab.

Thanks so much.

  1. Mp3tag can only work with MSC mode.
    If you transfer files in MTP mode, they are not shown. So you must transfer all files in MSC first, then you can use Mp3tag.

  2. When you tag MP3 files with Mp3tag it writes ID3v1 and ID3v2.3 tags by default (See 'Options > Tags > Mpeg'). Same tags are used by Windows explorer and it also displays the tags from Mp3tag.

Many thanks.

(1) MP3Tag definitely works in the MSC mode.

(2) I can only get MP3TAg to update the ID tags correctly (for both English alphabets and foreign characters) but not on the basic file info itself (which copies English letters correctly but replaces any foreign character with ? mark that I have to correct manually thru Windows OS). Am I missing a step?