100 different tags per song

Unfortunately, I have a problem tagging the files. I have tried it so far with several files of different origin. I sometimes get over 100 different tags per song suggested and none of them is the right one. Does anyone know where the problem might be?

Thank you in Advance!

Could you help us a little?
Like tell us how you try to get the tag information?
What tag information you got and what you expected?
What were the results for a manual search?

And then a concrete example would be nice.

For example, I have a folder on the desktop whose directory I select. It's Mp3 from an audio CD which I copied from someone. It is not a music album but songs that do not belong together. I'm using "freedb" as the tag source and picking "based on files". i also tried "web search". in this example i used the search mechanism for a song I already new the Name. the song is not in the list with the 144 entrys. it is the same with every other song. thank you.

See this thread on the search in freedb if you have not got the album:

thank you i will read it!

In a jiffy: freedb is not the best choice to search individual titles as the search looks for each word in the search string.
It would be better to use a different source.