12002: Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1)


Hi I keep receiving this error on my windows 10 machine. This was happening to me last week and it cleared it self on its own. I have also read up on the different reasons as to why this can occur and I have done the following.

  1. Check my system time clock (its fine)
  2. Rename the mp3tag.cfg in the %AppData%\Roaming\Mp3tag Folder
  3. Remove the mp3tag application from the Discogs Authorized applications in my profile
  4. Checked to see if mp3tag can reach the internet by doing Help->Check for new version... (it can)

Discogs API Seems to be working ok as the mac version on my laptop can still use Discogs to tag music.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

I am confused - if it cleared itself I would assume that the problem is gone.
Or could it be that your CMOS battery has reached its end of life and right after startup your PC has the wrong date and only after some time it has synchronized with a web clock and then has the correct time?

Hi @ohrenkino,
It was broken for a couple of days then fixed itself somehow, and now its broken once again.

I checked the system time in the BIOS and the time is correct and in sync.

The steps to check the BIOS time were as follows.

  1. Disconnect ethernet cable. The windows desktop does not have wifi, so no internet was available to it
  2. Reboot the computer and enter the BIOS
  3. Check the system time and compare to my iPhone time and wait for the next minute to roll over.

If you have anything else I can check. I am thinking for some reason the endpoint in the discogs script could be broken? Or might it be possible something is blocking mp3tag to reach the discogs endpoint.

I also noticed I get a cannot establish connection if i try using iTunes, however MusicBrainz seems to be working

So it seems for some reason my IP address may be being throttled from discogs when using the API. I tried doing my own request from python and noticed the response taking SUPER long. After that I went through a VPN and the request was working fast again and no more time outs are occurring. The slow request were also happening on my macbook from my python script so I am guessing that the MAC Version might be using something different than the api that windows is using.

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