1st time user has been an idiot

Hi All.
I feel I have jumped in without understanding what I am doing.
I have loaded up 700 plus mp3 files and deleted all the tags.
Now I am stuck and have not a clue what to do next.
I wish to turn all files into IDv32 tags.
Please help if you can.
A. Idiot.

The undo-button doesn't work?

Its greyed out, I think I have pressed some other buttons frantically trying to sort my mess out!

I know there are programmes to add multiple data, eg Album, genre ect but I need to retag all with IDv32 tags as I had lots with earlier tag versions.
Can anybody help me?

Can you extrakt your needed infos from the filenames?

Well yes I can but is the data saying what kind of file important?
I loaded up the mp3s then deleted all the tags saying what kind of files they were eg
IDv32 tags or older versions so I could then re label them all as IDv32 tags. Does this matter?

Please give examples of your filenames.

For writing only 3.2 please see Options > Tags > Mpeg.

Options tags mpeg.. ok then what??
I really dont understand at all.
If you could run it by me dummie style then I will never darken your doorstep again. :huh:

As for file name examples,

Chris Rea - On The Beach
length 00:6:50
bitrate 128kbps
Thats about it really.

Thanks in advance


Try this options:

If you have complete albums you can try to use freedb.
Or use the Converter "filename - tag" with the formatstring %artist% - %title%

Did you ever heard of "mp3Tag"
"Mp3/Tag Studio"

Maybe one of these applications can help you out of your personal mp3 hell.

Or try the "PicardTagger"