2.17 exporting


I was using 2.16 for about 2 weeks. Today i downloaded 2.17 and installed it without uninstalling 2.16. My export to html in 2.16 was fine, but now in 2.17, it creates a page with what looks like variables only in it.

below is some of the webpage it is generating. Do you think this is because 2.17 does not export correctly, or is it because i installed 2.17 over 2.16?


Title Artist Album Track Year Genre Filename 
%t %i %a %N %j %g %f

thanks - deftone


Hi Deftone

Yes in version 2.16x and 2.17 are the %i, %a ect changed. Please check the help button on the export options to read for "new instructions" or search on this forum for export.